5 Best QR Code Scanner For Android

If you are looking for the best tool which can give you a “quick response” while scanning a two-dimensional barcode, then we are here to tell you about 5 best QR code scanners that you can install easily on your android phone and start using.

QR Code Scanner For Android Devices In 2020

1. QR Code Reader and Scanner (Kaspersky Lab)

QR Code Reader and Scanner

This is an application using which you can scan any QR code rapidly in a secure way. This is a smart QR scanner that protects you from thug QR codes. Those codes contain dangerous links that can lead you somewhere where you may expose yourself to malware and phishing traps. This is a very handy and user-friendly application. It instantly checks the safety of texts, images, and websites linked to the code. Once you finish scanning, it keeps all the information stored in your device for future use. Using the app, you can set up credentials and will be connected to Wi-Fi in a few seconds.

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2. QR Code reader (BACHA Soft)

QR Code reader

This application has the following features like reading the QR code, scanning the barcode and creating the barcode including text, URL, ISBN, Phone number, SMS, Contact. Calendar, ph. Number, location, etc. It is a high-quality QR code application. It is specially designed to decode the scan-able code and encode or creating QR code information. While scanning the QR code, if the code contains any URL, you can open your default browser on phone and go to the site by pressing the browser button. QR code reader has a massive decoding speed.

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3. QR Code reader (TOH Talent Team)

QR Code Reader Software For Android

It is an ultimate QR code reader for any android device. An optimized scanner, specially designed for encryption as well as decryption. This is user-friendly and very easy to use Simply point to the QR code you want to scan and this app will automatically detect it and will provide you information.

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4. QR Code Scanner Free (Application4u)

QR Code Scanner Free

You can try this application to make your smartphone a powerful QR code scanner. This is a very fast and easy to use application. Just open this app, focus on the QR code you want to scan and that is it. This app will automatically scan the code and by reading, it will instantly provide you with the necessary information. This application automatically shows you its actions via the click button.

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5. AiScan: All QR Code Scanner (ViewAI Lab)

AiScan: All QR Code Scanner

AI scan is an extremely fast and safe QR code scanner for every android device. It acts as a Social contact scanner, Business scanner, Price scanner. It has a special QR code reader and generator. It scans as well as keeps the history, you can also export all the links via email. For low light environments, a flashlight turn on option has been given within this app. This application supports multiple formats like EQS, QR Code, Data Matrix, Quick Code, EAN8, Code39, and Code128. Just open the app, align the code and you are done