How to Print Email from Phone

The smartphone is one of the best things invented by the new technology it combines a lot of small gadgets such as a Time Alarm, a Calculator, a Watch, Music and a lot more. In the old times, there were a lot of services which you could only access via a computer such as Printing.

But, If you have a smartphone you can easily print any document or file using a USB cable or wireless network. If you don’t how you can print any document then read this article in which I tell you how to print the email using a smartphone.

How To Print Email From Mobile Phone

Step 1:

Login to your Email account using your email address and password.

Step 2:

Now select and open the email you want to print from your smartphone.

Step 3:

When you open the email, go to the right corner and open list.

Step 4 :

In the list, hit the PRINT button to print that email, and select Page Size, Color, and Pages.

Step 5:

Save that email on your OneDrive or as PDF.

Step 6 :

Login into your OneDrive account using your computer and print that email.


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