How To Print Documents From Android Phone

How To Print Documents From Android Phone? Now printing documents has been quite rare nowadays. Almost every document used frequently can show on your phone and your work is done.

Secondly, the situation that arises is if, at any point, you need a sudden print out of any document. The technology touching skies have given you an alternative for this one as well.

What it goes like is you can print out documents from your android. Where you don’t have to have any PC or hard drive which stores your document.

Things Required To Print Documents Using Android Phone

•A wifi connection
•A wifi-enabled printer

These are the only two things required for the task.

How to Print Document from Android Phone – Step by Step Process

Follow the step by step instructions guide to know compete, producers. To print any file or document using the android phone or tablet with the hassle.

Step 1:

Now make sure your phone and your printer connect to the same wifi networks.

Step 2:

Now, for example, you want to print a document from your email, so you’re going to open up your mail and tap on the email from which you want to print out information.

Step 3:

On your screen, in the upper corner, you find three dots, you’ve got to click on them and go down to print.

Step 4:

Once you click on it, it gives you a print preview that is it shows you exactly how it is going to look after it’ll b printed so that you know it is going to meet your expectation or not.

Step 5:

Now next for the copies you’re going to tap above and make some adjustments like if you want to print more than one copies, you can tweak the settings based on how you need to print the text.

Step 6:

Next, you’re going to select a printer,  so tap above and click on add printer. It is where it depends on what brand of printer you have like if its a wifi connected network. You may also download an additional app for the printer to work with your phone, which is again different for every printer brand.

Step 7:

Now you will either get a recommendation you go to the play store and search for the brand of printer and the app show there.

Step 8:

Now download the app, and it automatically appears on the screen which you left just before downloading, and it gets linked automatically.

Step 9:

Now you have got a tap on your printer, and you’ll have to agree to the terms and conditions for the print services.

Step 10:

And now your document begins to print, and if you slide down it shows you its downloading and the percentage of download and its printing the mail document you wanted to print.

And this is how you print a document from your android phone. Moreover, if you find this short tutorial helpful then don’t forget to share it among others for good. For more information regarding Android hacks check out best apps for hiding apps on Android device to use and install from Google Store.

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