Points To Consider For Using The S20’s Powerful Camera

You’re going to love using the S20’s powerful camera and that’s just a fact. The photos it produces are always unapologetically stunning. There’s not too much surprise that the new Samsung’s all have some serious power, what else could we expect from the tech giants!

Triple Lens Camera

Triple lens cameras seem to be a huge thing in the tech world at the moment. All major smartphone brands are working these larger cameras into their design whilst keeping a super sleep design. The Samsung Galaxy S20 falls under this category too! On the back of the phone, you’ll find an impressive triple camera including a 12MP ultra-wide lens, 12MP wide-angle lens and a64MP telephoto lens.

5G Camera

A Few Cool Features

Have you ever looked at a photo you’ve taken, recognised a face but as you zoom in, it goes all blurry? With 3x hybrid optic zoom, you’ll never have that worry again! Using this zoom with Super Resolution Zoom and AI, you’ll be able to get in on the action without losing any detail and gaining any noise.

Samsung has also given the S20 Night Mode, but not like it’s ever been seen before. The S20 now has a larger sensor so you can get super crisp photos with bright colours at night. This allows the lens to absorb more light and give you the best photos. You’ll see no noise from these low light situation photos, so much so that it’ll really shock you.

Take some seriously professional images with the Pro Mode from the S20. You’ll be able to manually control the way you take photos using different camera options. These allow you to learn what makes a good photo and give your photos a more artistic angle. Fiddle about with options such as shutter speed and exposure level to find your perfect match.

Selfie Camera

Hidden into the display of your phone is a 10MP punch hole selfie camera. This camera really shows that big doesn’t always mean better. Built-in AutoFocus means that each of your photos will be super clear and crisp. This is a wide-angle lens so you’ll be able to take group photos without the worry of squeezing into a tiny frame. This works amazingly with the HDR that is also present in the selfie camera.

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