(25+) Pennywise Costume for Kids

At the very first glimpse of Pennywise, a character from the IT series by Stephen King, we all screamed in dread. With our collection of Pennywise costumes, you can now transform into a bizarre horror movie character.

We have adult Pennywise costumes (and even kids’ sizes!) based on the newest film adaptation of the novel, as well as versions made to resemble the evil clown from the first film.

Pennywise Costume For Kids

1. Halloween Stephen King Scary Joker Prank Pennywise

Pennywise Costume for Kids

This dress of pennywise costume is much best for your kid. It is the joker prank costume along with the mask. It is easily available on this link to eBay. The material is made of polyester and cotton.

It is best for Halloween’s purpose to give a horror look to your kid. This is much in trend and best to have. After all, it is best for the school performances too where kids can get the look of a ghost in the form of a clown.

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2. Pennywise Clown Cosplay Costume Suit Outfit Set Halloween

Pennywise Clown Cosplay

This pennywise costume is the outfit of clown cosplay. It has a hundred percent view for the kid’s party. The best costume is for Halloween. It has great features in appearance. It appears much attractive and is great to have.

For your kids, it’s a type of excitement for them to have this costume. The dress has a great form of brightness along with the perfect fitting as per stitch. Also, various measurements can be changed as per the size of the kid.

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3. Pennywise Cosplay Costume Clown Halloween Costumes

youth pennywise costume

This costume of Pennywise appears as a 3D hoodie type with the access of zipping in it. It is in the form of a jacket sweatshirt. The best quality of it is that it is made of polyester. For Halloween’s purpose, it is the best one.

The attractive look of it gives the ultimate view and the best form to have. It is in the form of anime and is great for kids. The appearance is much special and it is great to look at it. After all, it is chapter two form of the customize costume.

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4. Pennywise Costume For Kids


This clown costume of the pennywise is great to have and has an attractive look of it. The horror look gives the excitement to wear and go out for the functions. It gets the best fit for Halloween’s purpose and is a great dress in its appearance. 

To have much fun with the appearing form of horror and the clown fits best to the kids. For instance, it gives great competition to the other costume due to the perfect look and the elegant view of it.

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5. Vintage Clown Costume Adults Kids

Vintage Clown Costume Adults Kids

This is the horror scary fancy dress of pennywise which gives the various elements and a perfect costume to buy. It includes various good features as it is made with polyester. Including the complete outfit, it is best for kids as well as for teens.

This clown-appearing costume is best made for the purpose of Halloween function and rest for competitions of different forms. It gives the best appearance and perfect look to the kids.

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6. Pennywise Cosplay Suit Mask Halloween Costume For Kids

scary clown

This pennywise costume of movie chapter two of Halloween cosplay suit mask along with the part terror coat pants is a great thing to have. The best view which it gives is of the appearance when kids wear it.

The best purpose-made is for Halloween and different functions to show on. The proper quality of the material gives a soothing effect to the child in a better way. They will find it much perfect and will also give good reviews about it.

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7. IT Clown Pennywise Dress

IT Pennywise

This costume of Pennywise as the evil dancing cloud child is much more than anything to have. It has the Salamon extends with the bow-wow features in it. It also includes the top pants mask which gives the great look to the kids.

Various kinds of attributes are also there along with the different forms of appearance. Also, it is best suitable for Halloween and the competition types to wear. After all, the clown look is great along with the attractive form of horror type.

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8. Heritage Pennywise Movie Costume

 Pennywise Movie Costume

The costume of this pennywise of IT Halloween twisted for kids appears in a great form as it is best in view. The best view that it gives is the horror look of it and is a good form and great to have. Kids will find it attractive and for the better form.

It is best for Halloween parties and various functions where kids can easily wear it. Also, it has got various reviews until now due to the great quality and best form. After all, proper dress-up will make the child appear like a clown.

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9. Pennywise Dress For Kids

Pennywise Custome

This unisex costume of pennywise comes in an intricate form and will make appear your kid as a clown. The costume of the two-piece blend is inbuilt with the crinoline for making it appear as a bubble hem as shown in various movies.

The upper side of the costumes gives the features of the two-layer forms. Also, it has three ted colors of pompoms that are stitched at the center side of the costume. For instance, the white satin color gives a complete view of the costume.

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10. Pennywise Clown Dress

Pennywise costume kids

This pennywise costume for kids is best for toddlers as it gives the most attractive look to them. It is easily available in various sizes. It also includes jackets as well as trousers. The perfect quality of it gives great satisfaction to the customers.

It will perfectly be fitted to kids. Also, the child will totally appear as a clown when they will wear it. After all, the finer form along with the best purpose is for the Halloween party along with various functions to wear.

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11. Halloween Costumes Adult Toddler

Halloween costumes

This pennywise costume of clown form is for the toddlers of the Stephen King IT. It is made with handmade materials which gives a great appearance. Various sizes are available for this costume. The kids will look much more attractive when they will wear it.

Also, the best requirement is for the Halloween parties and various forms of functions where kids can wear and go. After all,  the kids will wear, they will literally appear as a pennywise in it.

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12. Pennywise Costume Halloween

kids pennywise costume

This inspired the pennywise costume of the clown IT is the cosplay costume for the kids. It includes a shirt, cost pants, and a belt. The costume is much well made and also keeps the kids warmer. The perfect quality along with the good source of wearing it gives to the kids.

Also, the entire transformer along with the red foil balloons in it is much more attractive to have. For instance, it is best for the Halloweens and the party wear where kids can have much fun along with this dress.

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13. Pennywise Creepy Clown IT Character

pennywise costume kid

This appears as the original and the brand new outfit for kids. It is best made for the production of eco-friendly types and is fully safe and secure for a child. The smooth texture and soft appearance of this costume of Pennywise are great to have.

It is best suitable for toddlers and will look great when they will wear it. Also, it has the involvement of various other materials that are literally best made and great to look at. After all, the purpose of wearing will be best for Halloween parties or other functions for it.

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14. Pennywise Tutu Dress


The materials that are used in making this costume are tulle, satin, headband, felt, and crotchet. The costume is in adaption to be of frilly type. It includes a tutu dress of crotchet, lace collar, and armed bands. It is the perfect outfit to have for your kid.

Also, the best design that it includes is made especially for wearing to get a great look wherever the kid goes. For instance, the dress is best for Halloween parties and also for functions where the kid’s dress will look much more attractive than anyone else.

15. Child’s Clown Costume

Clown Costume

This clown costume for children is custom-made for them. It is made with the best quality grey cotton, along with hand-dyed gauze. It has pompoms and black or red rickrack. Also with this, customers will get long sleeve skirt,  detachable belt, adjustable collar, and Capri pants.

Also, each of the costumes will be sent according to the perfect measurement of the kid. After all, this costume is much durable and has the finishing performance in a professional way.

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16. Split Personality Clown Children’s Costume

Split Personality Clown

This costume for kids is for their split personality of them. It is made with the best grey cotton to give it an attractive look. The satin half of the costume is best in appearance. The attaching is made with hidden snaps.

The satin neckpiece is also there. Also, the proper measurement is made there and after that only it is provided to the customer. Kids can easily wear them to parties. For instance, gives kids the great look of a clown and appears much better than the others.

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17. Pennywise Costume Kids

Pennywise costume kids

Pennywise costume kids it costumes of the cosplay baby pennywise clown dress kids toddler is the dress of costume baby clown costume. It is best for toddlers to wear as it is much smooth and perfect to have.

Also, the costume is great in its appearance and looks much attractive. Although,  good materials are there in the use for its preparation.

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18. Harlequin Handmade Clown Costume

Harlequin Handmade Clown Costume

This Vintage 1950s child handmade costume is the best outfit along with the ruffle collar of taffeta forms and cuffs. The best cotton fabric is used to prepare this costume and has a zip on its back. The matching type of green hat comes with this.

This green orange harlequin handmade clown is the best to have for your kids. Also, it appears so perfect in wearing and has a smooth texture in it. After all, it has a great length appearance and is much more attractive in look.

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19. Black White Grey Tulle Collar

pennywise costume kids

This black white grey tulle collar is the best to have. The multi-layered collar is the most eye-catching costume for kids. The great combination of the face paint and the neck ruff of this tulle will give a great effect to the costume.

The collar in this dress is made up of many types of layers of stiff along with soft tulle which is best for the protection of the skin of kids. Also, it gives the perfect amount of volume when the kids will wear it. After all, there comes a matching satin ribbon which is best for all sizes of the neck.

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20. Pennywise Clothes For Kids IT Clown


The best version of this dress is great in its formation. It is a costume for both girls as well as boys. It has a built-in best part with the crinoline for making the bubble hem which is the same as the movie and the frilly tulle.

The features of the upper side of the costume have about two along with the pompoms of three. The satin collar is there which gives the full look to the dress. For instance, there are the best modifications in the costume. Also, kids can wear it at any kind of party and show their great looks.

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21. Pennywise Shirt For IT

pennywise t-shirt

This pennywise shirt for the kids is the best costume to have. Various color options are there for it. Both for the shirt and the vinyl the colors are there. Each shirt had t

e inch of the apparel brand logo with best pressed on the right of the bottom side. [Also, the shirt without logos is also there. It is the best graphic of pennywise.

This clown shirt is for the purpose of Halloween parties to have a dashing look for the kid. Also, it is great to have for your kid as it gives a smooth effect to them.

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22. Pennywise Clown Shoes

clown shoes

These shoes of pennywise are best to have and will give a great costume view to the kids. The perfect size is available for all the measure of kids and is a great thing to get to have a perfect look. It comes in various colors and is easily available here.

The red pompom on the top of the shoes both gives the beautiful look to it. A view is such a great form of high-class looks which it will give to the kids. For instance, they are best to wear at the Halloween party or at other forms of functions.

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23. IT Pennywise Adult Custome

it clown

This costume is fully polyester fabric and is full of polyurethane foam. The shirt has a hook along with the loop fastener strips at the middle of the front. There is an elastic waistband in the pants.

The belt threads are there in it along with the ball fringe trim on the shirt, and the belt also on the pants. The ruffled collar has a loop and a hook on it.  There are white gloves of the length of the wrist. After all, molded latex is a full head mask and had the attachment of synthetic hair.

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24. Deluxe IT Pennywise Women  Dress Costume

IT Pennywise Women

This costume is in preparation from the full part of the polyester. The top has the zipper down to the side, along with the elastics in the sleeves.

The skirt has the waistband of elastic along with the tulle on the hemline. The ruffled collar also includes the hook along with the fastener of the loop on the backside.

For instance, the pair of boot covers includes the tops of elastic, poms which are in an attachment to the toes, and bands of elastic to give proper security under the shoes when kids will wear them.

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25. Boy’s Carnevil Killer Clown

The Killer Clown

The items that are in this costume are Mask W or the attached wig, Jumpsuit, and the Collar. It is fully made of polyester fabric. The hook is there in the jumpsuit along with the loop fastener on the backside.

The latex mask includes eye holes and limited vision is allowed for it. There are collar ties around the backside of the neck. After all, it is best for Halloween parties or for various functions.

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I hope this information was good for the readers in getting knowledge about the pennywise costumes. For more related articles read our most Adventures Disney Movies to watch and you can also read this Movie Download App For Android and many more.