[Fixed] No Boot Device Found In Windows 10

If your computer running on Windows 10 also displaying No Boot Device Found error. In this case, you can easily fix it on your own in just a few steps. Basically, no boot device food errors show up because of some error occur in the booting process of your computer system. The error shows a message “No Boot Device Found, Press any Key to reboot the machine”.

No Boot Device Found In Windows 10 | Solution 

The error comes up because you’ve not selected one of the UEFI Boot modes. You should use UEFI Boot, either secure or not secure is fine. So in this article, we going to show how you can enable UEFI mode in Windows 10.

Step 1:

Restart your computer. When the error message looks this “No Boot Device Found, Press Any Key To Reboot Machine”.

Press any key reboot screen,  then start pressing the F12 key until you will get to what looks like a bios setup:

  • Legacy Boot
  • Internal HDD
  • UEFI Boot
  • Windows Boot Manager
  • Other Options

Open UEFI Boot using a mouse or keyboard key.

Step 2:

In the Legacy Boot section. Click to open “Internal HHD” as shown in the given screenshot.

Step 3:

In the Boot Sequence tab, Select all settings same as shown in the given screenshot.

Step 4:

In Advanced Boot Options also select both given options.

Step 5:

Now click on the System Configuration to expand more options. Open Drivers and enable both options shown in the given screenshot.