20 Cute Nicknames For Boyfriend And Girlfriend

Nicknames for boyfriend? How to find the best nicknames for a girlfriend these questions will never let you select the best nickname. But we’re the relationship, one of the most awesome experiences that may change you into a better person. We all care about our partners and we want to call them with a nice name they will never forget.

Most of us have a  nickname from our love once. These nicknames symbolize the love and the affection that we have for someone close. Basically, the nickname comes from the name of the person.

However, if you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend that doesn’t have a nickname or you want to make a special cute name of your partner. For example, you can call your girlfriend “Summer” because she brings light and brightness to your life or you can call her “My All” because she is everything to you.

20 Nicknames For Girlfriends

  1. Cinderella-  The perfect name for a princess.
  2. Precious- You consider her too valuable to lose.
  3. Sweet-heart-   sweet and sincere.
  4. Cookie-  sweet as a cookie.
  5. My All-  she is everything to you.
  6. Lucky Charm-  she brings good luck into your life.
  7. Dove-  fragile and pure.
  8. Cutie-pie-  cute and sweet.
  9. Lamb- If she is as adorable.
  10. Cupcake- she is sweet and yummy.
  11. Pooh- she is lovable as Winnie the Pooh.
  12. Melody- her voice is as melodious.
  13. Pumpkin- bright and sweet.
  14. Peach- If you think she is cute and delightful.
  15. Angel Heart – who is very kind.
  16. Baby Boo – Means like she’s mines keep your hands off.
  17. Bee’s Knees – simply means sweet and good
  18. Dewdrop – she is like a drop of dew for you
  19. Kissy Face- This means she has a cute face you want to kiss
  20. Minnie- She like a Minnie mouse a funny character

How To Pick Up Cute Names For Your Girlfriend

First of all, you should talk to her before giving her a nickname ask her. “I want to call you with the special name because you’re special for me when you hear that cute name you remember me any ever in this world”.

If she agrees to a nickname, then ask her his favourite colour or food or something that very special to her.

Tips for Choosing a Cute Name for your GF

  • Make Sure your GF approves of the nickname that you’re giving to her. Which makes her special not irritate her.
  • You can also come up with a short name with her real name. Example: Alena can be called Ale
  • Stop calling her with a sexual name in public places such as hot stuff or something else.
  • Don’t pick up a nickname from a TV show or Books because usually, girls don’t like a common nickname.

20 Nicknames For Boyfriend

  1. Brown sugar – If he is sweet as sugar.
  2. Chiku – Perfect name evergreened guy.
  3. Dirty Boy – If he always talks about how sexy you are.
  4. Prince charming – I guy how to look like a royal prince
  5. Frozen fire – Equine name for a uqine guy
  6. Gummy bear – If he is similar to jelly bean or fruit cum candy.
  7. Bubbles – This is the perfect name for a guy who is like bubbles.
  8. Bubloo-  If he is popular among his friends
  9. Champ- This name refer to a champion
  10. Hugster- A person who enjoying hugging and hugs often
  11. Pumpkin pie – The guy sweet as pumpkin
  12. Jellyboo – Hot sexy nickname for a cute guy
  13. Lapooheart- If he is independent, autonomous or even self-taught
  14. Marshmallow- If he is sweet as marshmallows
  15. Mi Amor- Its means “I Love You My Love”
  16. My Knight- If he is stronger and powerful
  17. Pancakes-  A guy sweet as an original pancake house
  18. Raindrop- A guy treats you like a drop of rain
  19. Spark- Perfect name for a guy look like a spark of fire
  20. Teddy- A guy soft and kind heart as a teedy bear
  21. Unicorn- The rarest animal found on the earth

How To Pick Up Cute Names For Your Boyfriend

So you want to pick up a nickname for your boyfriend, and don’t know how to pick a unique nickname for your buddy. There is some points which helps you to know how you can choose a perfect cute name for your partner that totally suits him.

Firstly, talk to your boyfriend about the nicknames, If he thinks nicknames are good to keep to expand the love between you and her. Then ask him about his habits or one of the most special think to him such as his mother or something else.

Usually, you can come up with a nickname from the real name of a guy such as John can be called Johny etc. But the equine name that suits his personality can be perfect. For example, I guy who brings light and brightness into your life can be called Spark.