How to Mirror iPhone to TV Without Apple TV

Looking for how to mirror iPhone to TV without Apple TV? If you think that it is an option to connect your iPhone to your TV, then well, it is. You can connect it with some of the required procedures. It is well given on this page. For that, you need an HDMI cable along with the adapter. You have to connect them properly so that you be able to get the proper response. You can also do with the analogue adapter. On your iPhone 4S or any other device, it quickly gets its access.

By obtaining the required cable, the form enables the processor to give the connection to your device. The required buttons are inserted into the given colours of them. When you insert them, the power of your TV gets accessed. You can also use the airplay if you are connecting with your Apple TV. It requires the source of your iPhone to get access.

How to Mirror iPhone to TV without Apple TV

Here are steps explained to connect your iPhone to your TV:-

Step 1

Firstly, you have to get your HDMI adapter. With the help of an adapter, you can connect to your charging port of your iPhone. To run it, you can also take the pin connected with it. A newer one can also be connected.

Step 2

Now get the cable of HDMI together for the connection.

Step 3

Connect the adapter with your iPhone device together.

Step 4

Go to the one side to the end part of the cable to the given adapter. Along with the port of the TV, take both sides of it. Get the labelled form of the port number of it.

Step 5

Switch the power on your iPhone and your TV. Make sure it turns on.

Step 6

Search for the source of input on your TV with your remote. It shows the source option there.

Step 7

Go to your port of HDMI and then get the connection with your iPhone. You find that your iPhone is now connected to your TV. The mirror of the screen is the same as the newer form or output of it.

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