2 Ways To Uninstall MacKeeper Virus App From Macbook Pro


Mackeeper Virus is very harmful to Mac devices such as Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and many more. However, lots of time Mackeeper malware app is not working properly for lots of Mac users. In case of this, you can easily uninstall Mackeeper from Mac.

Recently one of these blog readers asked “how to get rid of mackeeper”. Now we going to answer this question in this article. So keep reading.

Removing Mackeeper App From Macbook

Basically, there are multiple ways to remove mackeeper from macbook. Here we going to show two working methods to uninstall Mackeeper from Macbook Pro.

First Method:

Manual Way To Remove Mackeeper 

In this method, you have little Digg into your Mac system. To remove all contents of this software make sure nothing is left.

First, follow these three steps.

  1. Backup Your Mac System
  2. Turn off All Mackeeper Features
  3. Remove all Mackeeper Files

Now the fun part of removing all files is quite fun because it increases your system running speed. However, until now, you don’t remove all files that belong to Mackeeper.

So, now you’ve to delete Mackeeper files using “Application Folder”.

Go to the Application Folder and remove all files named “Mackeeper.app” located and then remove them from the trash.

Home Library Folder also contains some of the important files of Mackeeper it was nessecery to delete these to permanently remove the Mackeeper app from mac system.

For this process, Open up the Finder from Menu and then press the option key to reveal the library. Doing this the Library Folder will be open on your desktop screen.

Now locate the files and folders of Mackeeper and remove them completely. After that also remove all Mackeeper files from your Mac system Document Folder.

After doing this complete process. Restart your Mac and you see Mackeeper will go from your Mac device.

Second Method

Uninstalling Mackeeper From Macbook Pro 

To permanently remove MacKeeper Icon from Menu Bar you’ve to uninstall the software from your Mac system. To uninstall MacKeeper from Macbook Pro follow the given steps by steps guides.

Step 1:

Quit MacKeeper. If you running it

Step 2:

To begin the uninstallation of MacKeeper. Drag the MacKeeper icon to the trash where you are prompted to the administration password. Enter the password and Mackeeper Icon will move to Tash Folder.

Step 3:

Tash Will automatically prompted you to Uninstall Mackeeper App. When you follow the above given second step.

Step 4:

Click on the Uninstall Mackeeper button ( Choose the option for removing the app).  This should remove most of the MacKeeper files from your hard drive.

But not all files are removed. You’ve to remove them manually using Library Folder and Application Folder.

Hope this article will help you to remove MacKeeper App from your Mac device. If you face any issues you can contact us through the comment box.