3 Ways To Fix iPhone Contact Name Not Showing Only Number

According to the sources, the iOS platform recently hit by a bug which affects iPhone contacts mainly with this bug your all contacts have been deleted automatically and contact names will not appear on call logs or messages. Rather, you will see the contact number in place of the contact name saved on your iOS device.

This bug definitely giving you a sort of panic attack because it is hard to remember the contact number of every person on your cell phone. Now that you’ve lost all contact numbers and contact information that you’ve saved for a long time.

However, the thing is when you’ve access to the Contact App in your iPhone you’ll see all the contacts are present with the complete information you’ve saved an intact. So technically its a display error that occurs due to that bug and how you going to fix contact names not showing up on the iPhone issue but there is a simple solution for this problem in this article.

Why Are My Contacts Showing Up As Numbers On My iPhone

In this article, we go through a simple troubleshooting method and step by step guides to fix this bug without having a hassle. Generally, there are two methods from which you can fix this display error that cause the iPhone not displaying contact name for incoming calls.

Reboot The iPhone: (First Method)

Firstly, we start with a simple method, because sometimes these types of error can be removed by simply rebooting the device. To reboot your iPhone you can either turn off and after a minute turn on or using the power button on your iPhone. Else you can also hard reboot the iPhone of yours.

Hard Reboot The iPhone (Force Restart iPhone)

  1. Press & release the volume up button.
  2. Press & release volume down button.
  3. Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds.

Try holding the power for a while until you see the Apple logo on your iPhone display screen. If you see the logo which means you’ve successfully force restated your iPhone.

Once are you’ve restarted your iPhone all you’ve to do is open the Phone app and Messages app and you’re able to see all the contacts names and a number will be restored successfully.

Sync iCloud Contact Settings (Second Method)

There are other likely reasons why your iPhone contacts went missing along with the messages app because it is that iCloud Contacts is not enabled on your iPhone. This will occurs only when you’ve recently enabled the iCloud Contacts and after sometime disabled it. You can re-sync the contacts by following the below instructions and fix the issue.

  1. Go to the iPhone Settings on your cell phone
  2. Tap on the Apple ID or iCloud ID given at the top of the display screen.
  3. Tap on the “iCloud” and seek under the app using iCloud (make sure the contacts are enabled).

This will fix the issues for temporary, but it will be resolved by the next software update. However, you make sure the iCloud contact will be enabled in order to contact names will appear on call logs and messages.

And if iCloud Contact enabled you can easily restore your iPhone contacts any time without having a hassle or losing contact information that you’ve saved from a long time period.

Wrapping Up!

Hopefully, these above two methods have come handy for you to fix the issue of contact names on your iPhone. If you’ve any issues regarding your iPhone feel free to ask us we’re happy to help. Don’t forget to share the article and join us using our Facebook page.