10 Secure Money Transfer Services For Sending Money Overseas

It’s good to double-check when you’re dealing with money. So why should take the risk when sending money overseas. Before sending money to someone else your own self. You should check the complete details of the bank when you first sending money through online money transfer services.

Banks offer their customers to send money all around the world which also one of the secure ways to send money. However, not all banks support international money transfers.

Some of the Secure Online Money Transfer Services

If you’re looking for the cheapest way to transfer money to the USA. Then you should take a look at all your options. Because it’s could be important if you want to transfer a larger amount of money to the US. When you’re buying a property in the USA or for some other purpose.

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In this article, we have gathered some of the secure and best online money transfer services from which you can easily send money overseas without having a hassle.

Money Transfer

1 # PayPal

Paypal money transfer is one of the most popular platforms to send and receive money. There are more than  188 million currently using PayPal to deal with their money. When it comes to transferring money overseas.

If you’ve questions like – How To Transfer Money From PayPal or How Long Does It Take Paypal To Transfer Money.

You can easily google your question to know to compete for a process of transfer money from PayPal to the bank.

2 # Western Union

Western Union offers its customers to send money through different money transferring methods. Such as sending money to a mobile phone or send money to a bank account. If you want to send larger funds overseas and lock in the currency rate. You can use the Online FX service from which you can easily pay foreign real estate or investment or sending money home to your family.

The sender fee will be $10 with zero recipient fee and the exchange rates are $12.48  approx for money transfer.

3 # World Remit

The Word Remit offers three steps service from which you can easily send your money to a foreign country without having a hassle. Just select the country and then add recipient details such as choosing the list of people you want to send money to and in the last step send money.

The great thing about sending money with World Remit is – Free Money Transfer Service.  If you’ve some of the random questions such as “how to send money through world remit” then just google it to know step-by-step guides.

4 # Transfer Mate

Transfer Mate is one of the best international money transfer online services. The company was founded in 2010 currently the company servicing more than 125 countries. The interface of the company is quite simple you can easily send the money in few steps.

Currently, the company has more than 35,000 users worldwide. Transfer mate offers its customers different ways to send money to foreign currency money transfer. To know more you can read transfer mate reviews by its users.

5 # Money Gram

The money gram currently much popular in international money transfer service. Using money gram you can send money to select countries such as –  Costa Rica, Ghana, India, Jamaica, Kenya, Mexico, Nicaragua Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Thailand, Ukraine and the United States.

The company also supports some other services for sending money to foreign countries. You can easily send money to a single person or send money to an inmate. It also offers you to pay bills or make healthcare payments and much more.

The sending fee will be around  $ 9.99 with zero recipient fee and the exchange rates are $12.52 approx.

Money Transfer Services

6 # Walmart Online Money Transfer

Walmart is well known online shopping company where you can lots of items at fair prices especially for buy in bulk. However, if you don’t Walmart also offers an online money transfer service from which you can send or receive money anywhere all around the world.

7 # Xend Pay

When it comes to finding the cheapest way to send money to the USA the Xend Pay offers lower rates to transfer money with no paperwork.  When you want to send money to a foreign country almost all money transfer service providers take the pre-transfer fee of between 15 percent each time you want to send money to the USA.

Why Send Money With Xend Pay

The company is officially authorized by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA )and moreover, it has SWIFT members. Until now the company has sent and receive over $4 billion transferred funds from all around the world since 2005.

8 # Transfer Wise

The Bank could charge you up to 5 % with hidden charges when you send money to a foreign bank. The Transfer Wise is up to 8 times cheaper for international money transfers because the company offers its users to send money at the real exchange rate.

However, Bank offers its own exchange rates to make money transfers using transfer wise you can easily you can send money anywhere all around the world with mid-market rates of currency exchange. Moreover, Transfer Wise has more than 1 million users and 35000 positive reviews by its customers.

9 # Travelex

The Travelex International Payment is an official money transfer service provider that supports 50 countries’ money transfers. The money transfer fee for standard countries will be $5 for transactions below $5000.  However, the banks in the USA will charges around $25 to $30 for the same transactions.

The Travelex did not supports – Cash Transfer, Same Currency Transfer and Travel Checks or Bank Drafts. Which means you can only send money from one bank account to another bank account.

10 # Ria Money Transfer

The Ria Money Transfer is working since 1987 for about 25 years. This means the company has a better working money transfer service. You can easily send money with low fees along with cheap exchange rates one of the great things about sending money with rai money transfer is that you can track your money transfer through the official website of the company.