How to Install PowerShell 7 on Windows 10

PowerShell is a command-line prompt and scripting language used for operating System, it is especially Develop for System administration IT professionals. PowerShell is a product of Microsoft company built-in .NET framework. In Unix command-line interface is called a shell, PowerShell example is Bourne (sh), Kash PowerShell is a task automation and configuration management framework From Microsoft consistency of command-line shell. Windows PowerShell command-line called as a cmdlet, Manage the Windows operating system from the command line. Windows PowerShell provides the authority to access the data registry certificate and many more to access through command prompt.

Windows 10

The Windows PowerShell command(ISE) integrated scripting environment is a host application for Windows PowerShell, to perform the basic command in PowerShell. PowerShell windows present on the Windows taskbar to click and open checking a Version using command, command start dollar sign($).

To manage the command and PowerShell depend on operating system example: 32 or 64bit operating system. The cmdlet is “command let” used for the Windows PowerShell command line to access the data shortly using the command.

Cmdlet is .Net framework class object; not just standalone executable.

When the user gives the command by using a command-line prompt, the shell read command first ($)word and run. After extraction of the first word the shell assumes that is program name and run, Read the next command. Control the operating system command task through shell software Very easy process of installing on Windows operating system and other operating systems. Windows 10 is the best operating system to perform the PowerShell command line.

How To Install PowerShell 7 In Window 10 (OS)

Here, we are discussing PowerShell 7 installing in Windows 10. Let’s start the process installation of PowerShell 7 on Windows 10:

  1. First, we will check the version of PowerShell install prompt windows 10 like version 6.0.
  2. Click the Windows taskbar and search PowerShell.
  3. Open the PowerShell command prompt and type the:- $PSVersionTable
  4. Typing above command and enter showing the version of PowerShell.

PowerShell Version Command: $PSversionTable

Step 1: Visit: PowerShell release page on GitHub.

Inside GitHub proper URL available with zip file downloaded then you start the installation steps:

Step 2: The latest version, Assert selects and expand.

PowerShell version 7.1.0 is also available 26/3/2020 Latest version

Step 3: Click on the powershe-7.0.0-win-x64.msi

OR PowerShell-7.0.0-win-x86.msi depend on 32 or 64bit operating system Windows

Step 4: When a file is downloaded then click on the double click and open.

Step 5: Following the installer steps, customize the basic setting.

Step 6: Click the “Next” option.

Step 7: Then you get the new installer step, Now click on the Next button.

Step 8: Tick the add “open here context menus to explorer then next option. 

After finishing the installer step, go to the windows taskbar right-click the shell option and run as administrator. The last step launches PowerShell 7.0.

Step 9: Go to the PowerShell command prompt terminal and repeat the version checking process type::$PSVersionTable

Step 10: You’ve complete the installation process of Powershell.