How To Install and Use Windows 10 Creation Tool

Windows media creation or windows reinstallation. Windows upregulation for which you’ve got to have a PC that supports and works on windows.

Now if you have one, then, to accomplish the windows media 10 creation tool that is the upgrade to windows.
Now in a particular case, you can also get it done from people who are expert in stuff like this, a cybercafe owner or worker or someone like that.

But if at any specific day you must do it on your own then you do not have to worry. You have to follow specific steps to download it.

How To Use Windows 10 Creation Tool

The process you have got to follow to download the needy, you gotta.

Step 1:

Open up a browser and types of windows media creation tool, and you’ll see numerous options.

Step 2:

Make sure you only select domain option. There’ll be several options, but you have got to select the Microsoft one.

Step 3 :

Download windows 10 disk image ISO file. You’ll able to see a button on the page to download the tool. Click on that, and the download pop up appears. Once it’s download, you can straight away go to the downloads section of the browser and use or run the tool.

Step 4:

To get it into use, a few things are supposed to make ready and then it’ll be ready to be written in the installation media to your USB hard drive.

Step 5:

As soon as it gets downloaded, you have got to accept the Microsoft User Agreement, and you can either read it or not, it is entirely up to you and even if you straight away accept the agreement and rush forward its no big deal.

Step 6:

It’ll process through a few things to get them ready in some couple of minutes, and then you get individual options like that of upgrading the PC to create installation media on a USB flash drive. Now here you have to select the second option that is the installation from the USB drive and then click next.

Step 7:

Then select the option of USB flash drive instead of creating an ISO file and then you have a plugin the hard drive or recheck to get assured if it is plugged in. Then click next.

Step 8:

After a process of almost 15-20 minutes, it’ll be downloaded, and it’ll ask you to verify your download and after verifying it create the windows 10 media for you.

Step 9:

Once it’s finished you’ll see your flash drive seems ready and then you have got a click finish. If you wish to go now and navigate to that hard drive, you may do the work, but now as it’s download, it is ready to be taken into as many PCs you want.

Now if you’ve ever got to reinstall your windows services, they can be accomplished in a few simple and easy steps to you with ease.