You Can Do That Git on GitHub ! No Its Impossible

What is Git?

Git is a distributed version control system, wherever going like college, viva, interview etc. Someone asks what is Git so answer the one line this is the best answer of Git. Let’s see the scenario before Git. Inside business organization developers working on different programming languages for example developer.

1. Java, developer

2. Python, developer

3. SQL

All developers need to submit their codes to the central server without having a copy of their own. In Git user any changes mode to the source code were not known to the other developer so, there was no communication between any of the developers they work on independently. Once more you knowing that Git is a distributed version control tool. It is distributed under the GNU license. Git is unused for maintaining the historical and current versions of the source. Git is keeping track of changes in files. Let’ see the VCS:

Version control system (VCS) for example file1, file2, file3 have snapshotted the code and storing version 1 that is
the repository. Now again file1, file2, file3 this is the same but few changes in file2, file2 create a duplicate file 2.1.
It will be storing the snapshot code on the version2 repository. The repository is any change in the file storing the VCS.

Inside Git is centralized version control systems. System (A) file creates an again copy of the file(A) that is system B file. Centralized VCS server every operation perform directly to the repository system. In case the central server
crashes the entire data of the project will be a loss. Distributed version control system every developer have a copy of all the version on their local system.

Git is a version control system to keep track of changes in computer files. It is generally used for source code management in software development. Git allows multiple developers to work together without knowing him each other.

GitHub is a Git repository hosting platform it adds many own features and Git is a command-line tool. GitHub provides a web-based graphical interface. GitHub is a place where you can play and experiment. To play an experiment with emergent technologies, features, and design to store your source code on Git and GitHub.

Git and GitHub very hard to learn because these are very important for software development. GitHub is a very important platform for project management, documentation 40 million developers are work together growing the development team. GitHub is a market place where you put the code and test the code any type bugs present GitHub showing the all error after putting the code on GitHub hosting. Well above all information are interested.