How to Wire A 3-way Switch

How to Wire A 3-way Switch? If you are looking for the procedure of wiring a three-way switch, then read this article very attentively. In this article, we are going to discuss the steps so that you can make the wiring of a three-way switch easily without getting any problem or issue. Read it till the end and enjoy happy wiring.

How to Wire A 3-way Switch

Step 1:

One thing you must keep in mind that you must turn the electricity off before working with the circuit. The voltage has got enough power to kill you.

Step 2:

A three-way switch is a piece of very useful equipment in the houses where one needs to control a single light or several lights from two different locations. This switch looks slightly different from a regular switch.

Step 3:

The three-way switch has got three screws and one green grounding screw. We must pay attention to the black screw most. Any regular single-pole switch consists of two screws.

Step 4:

You must pay attention to the screws while connecting them with wires because the wrong connection will lead that switch not to work properly.

Step 5:

You need two three-way switches to serve your purpose. The main power wire comes to the first three-way switch first. A four-core wire leaves the first switch and drops down into the second three-way switch. Then another wire leaves the second three-way switch and feeds the light. This is the basic and simplistic wiring idea you must know to wire a three-way switch.

Step 6:

Two types are wires are required for the whole wiring. One contains three conductors (hot, ground, neutral) and the other contains four conductors (two hot, ground, neutral).

Step 7:

Take the four-core cable and make a connection with the first three-way switch by connecting the hot wires into the screws, connect two neutral wires and connect the copper wire with the green grounding screw.

Step 8:

Take the leaving four core cable from the first three-way switch and put it into the second three-way switch to make establish a connection in the same way. Now take the three-core cable and connect the black wire of it into the same screw where black wires have been connected, then make it through to the light. The black screw only connects the wire from the panel or the wire that goes up to the light.

In this way, keeping you on the safe side, you can establish a connection between a light and a three-way switch very easily. Wiring is not as complicated as it looks. This is an short guide on How to Wire A 3-way Switch