How To Wipe a Macbook – Step by Step Guide

How To Wipe a Macbook? Starting from personal photos to our sensitive work information, personal computers host a lot of data that must remain private. If we are thinking about replacing our old equipment or swapping the hard drive, we have to wipe it to prevent our data from falling into the wrong hands. You might also like to know on how to transfer safari passwords to chrome in Mac OS

Cleaning a hard drive on a Mac is not a complicated process. It only takes a few minutes. In this article, we are going to discuss the process of wiping in some small steps. Please follow the methodology and get your purpose served in minutes. Read the article till the end.

How To Wipe a Macbook?

Before starting the process, you have to make sure that your essential data on your hard drive has been moved somewhere else. Operating System X’s built-in Time Machine backup software is a good option. It is, even more, a matter of relief if it is paired with Back blaze.

You have to keep your data safe no matter what happens. You must create a local backup copy in hand with the help of secure cloud storage. Once you assure your data is backed up, let us get started. The key is OS X Recovery.

It is a particular part of the Mac operating system since OS X 10.7 “Lion.”


  • First of all, please make sure that your Mac is turned off.
  • Then please press the power button.
  • Now you have to immediately hold down the command and R keys together.
  • Please wait for some time until the Apple logo appears.
  • Next, please select the “Disk Utility” from the OS X utility list.
  • After that, click on Continue.
  • Then select the disk you’d like to erase or remove by clicking on it in the sidebar.
  • Next, please click on the Erase button.
  • Then click on the Security Options button. You will find the Security Options window includes a slider. It enables you to determine how thoroughly you want to erase your hard drive.
  • After that, you will be done with wiping.

As you can see, this is a straightforward method to wipe your MacBook whenever it is required.