How to Use Turnitin – Step by Step

Turnitin is a software system that is based on the web form which enables the user in learning the various acknowledgments. It is the best approach towards the educational purpose as it measures the standards of the minimising of the plagiarism. Most of the people use Turnitin for the purpose of getting the best publications and accommodations. It also provides electronic books that include various journals and commercial based professional databases. You can easily submit the files to Turnitin as it covers more than millions of pages per day.

How to Use Turnitin

Here is the explained form of using the Turnitin:-


  • The learning system has provided the best lectured which enables the students in getting various assignments and topics.
  • Firstly, you need to select the type of work that you want to upload to Turnitin.
  • As per the agreement given there, you have to accept all the rules and regulations given in it.
  • Now on the required tab go to the summary option and then fill all the assignment details. All the various forms of details are easily visible there. Submit the required assignment on it.
  • You need to go to my submissions option for submitting your file.
  • By giving the perfect tile to your project, you have to select the option at which you want to write. Now select the file that you want to upload.
  • A perfect form of type and size of the file option is visible where you have to put all the information regarding your file.
  • You now have to check the confirmation option where it will be shown about the uploading of your file.
  • Go to the allowed option and then the return report. In the given subsequent it will give the process to confirm it.
  • After all such requirements, you now have to open your email and check the submission detail message which has been sent by Turnitin.

Wrapping UP

After reading this article and following the above-mentioned steps you should have understood to use Turnitin. but if still there is any other issue you are facing regarding Turnitin then do comment below and we try to resolve your query soon.