How to use Skype for Beginners – Ulitmate Guide

If you are looking for an internet calling app which can be accessed through personal computers, phones, TVs and even devices like your Xbox One (gaming console), then Skype is the best option for you. It is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to stay in touch with your friends, family members and colleagues across the world. In this article, we will be telling you about the procedure so that you can get started with this amazing application.


Step 1:

You must own an account first. For that, you have to visit the Skype homepage and then you have to click on the “Join us” option situated in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Step 2:

You can make a fresh account just for Skype or you can log in through your existing Microsoft or Facebook account also. The benefit of logging in through your Facebook account is that you’ll be able to view your Facebook News Feed and you can contact your Facebook friends via Skype.

Step 3:

There is one drawback also. That is, you have to let Skype access all of your personal information which has been put on your Facebook account.

Step 4:

After creating an account on Skype, Mac users please save the Skype file to your computer. Then double-click on the download file. After that drag the Skype icon to your Application folder. Then, open Skype from the folder and login into that with your Skype name and password.

Step 5:

If you are a Windows user, then save the Skype Setup Application to your personal computer first. Then open the Skype Setup file and complete the installation. After that launch the Skype application and make a sign in with your Skype name and password.

Step 6:

After installation, you have to check if your audio and video equipment is working well or not. You have to ensure that your speakers are on. Then check your voice can be heard through the microphone or not. If not, then choose the appropriate microphone. After that, check whether your webcam is connected or not. If it is connected well, you can be able to see yourself on the live video feed.

Step 7:

Next, set your status, set your general plus privacy settings & add your contacts. Now when you are ready to place a call, please click on the “Call Phone” button next to your added contact’s name. You can make a conference call with a group of maximum 25 people over Skype.


If you want to send and receive instant messages, then click on any random contact in your list and type in the text field where your cursor is.

Wrapping Up!

That is all you need to know for How to use Skype for Beginners when you are getting started with Skype for the first time.