How to Use Keyword Research Tool to Build Successful Blog

If you own or planing a build a website then you use research that to build a successful blog or website there two most important requirements which never gone end. The first thing is the most searchable keywords with low competition which also boost your blog advertising earning per month.

The second thing is the number of backlinks if you have a massive amount of backlinks on the higher pages such as Page Rank 9. If you don’t believe then search any popular blog and track its backlinks. These are the two best SEO statics that helps you to build a successful blog there is one more important thing that in high-quality contents.

There are a lot of ways, to get high-quality backlinks such as gust posting, getting backlinks from expired domains, man moving method and a lot more ways to add backlinks to your blog. But it’s was very hard to find keywords with low competition with higher CPC.

How it’s Work?

I explain about keyword research to you in simple word lets take a  example, If I am writing article about cheap car insurance than I search keywords related to car insurance with high CPC and low competition such as ” Cheap Car Insurance In Los Angeles CA “ for more example read my article List of Cheap Car Insurance in U.S.

How to Find Keyword with High CPC ?

Lot of people use Google own keyword research tool that is specially build for advertising publisher on Google AdWords from this tool you can research keyword in very large numbers but you have work hard to find proper keyword with high CPC and low competition related to the article your writing or going to write on your blog.

Note : You must use less than 6 keywords on 300-400 words article

The question is how to find the proper keyword for the article you’re writing…………………….

But there are some keywords research tool build by some proper SEO building company and one of the most popular keyword tools comes after Google Research Tool.

The keyword researching tool that I am talking about is SEM Rush, which currently used by more than a million bloggers and SEO expert  SEOQuake , a popular SEO addon for Firefox to build successful articles on your blog that help your blog to come in top in the search engine when someone type keyword related to your article.

What is Semrush?

SEM Rush is an online SEO Tool for a small group of SEO and IT specialists its started in 2008 with one mission to provide better Search Engine Optimization to bloggers. Currently, it’s available in 29 databases available for 27 regions and in 17 languages. It has more than 46,000,000 domains and more than 120,000,000+ keywords in its database.

How to use SEM Rush to find Keywords

To find keywords related to your article on SEM Rush, first of all, you have to Sign Up as a new account with your email address and password and some other forum filling information and after joining SEM Rush and complete the verification process you all set to search keywords.

Below given image guides you on how you can use SEM Rush SEO Tool to find the best keyword for your blog.

Login in to your SEM Rush account using your email address and password

After login you see the search box type your keyword and hit the search button you can also select the country in which you related to your article or from which country you massive search traffic. I recommend you to don’t select any country because U.S has higher CPC keywords.

When you hit the View Full Report button you see complete keywords related to your search with higher CPC and competition.

Just like above image guides you can easily search keywords on SEM Rush as I mention on above paragraph with this tool you can also track backlinks, Organic Search Keywords, Compare other website with yours.

Join Free : SEMRUSH trial account

I hope this article which help to better understand about Keywords and about SEM Rush. Once’s again I tell you there are three important things in building successful blog. Most searchable keyword, Higher CPC paying keyword and number of backlinks along with awesome article contents.