How to Use Find My iPhone To Locate Your iPhone

Want to know how to use Find My iPhone feature to track iPhone location!

Have got to ensure if you’ll be able to find your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch if its ever lost or stolen, you got an app that is known as finding my iPhone which is by the brand itself as a help to you.

How To Use Find My iPhone Feature To Locate iPhone Location

So to know how to use find my iPhone on your iOs device let’s go further.

Step 1:

Now to set up the app to use it, you need an iOs device, or you may borrow one to track your iPhone from the Find my iPhone app. If you don’t have an iOs device available to you, you can still track your phone from your computer’s web browser.

Step 2:

To begin setting up the app, open your iOs settings. At the top of your screen tap on your name, and then go ahead and tap iCloud. Scroll down further and select ‘Find my iPhone’. Tap on the switch at the top to enable ‘Find my iPhone’.

Step 3:

Then tap on ‘send the last location’ to enable it so that you want your device’s location to be automatically sent to the iPhone when your device’s battery is level is low. This way, you’ll be able to see your device’s last location if in case it runs out of power.

Step 4:

Then to use the app, tap on the icon of ‘find my iPhone’ app on your iOs home screen. Then enter your mail address and password to sign in to your account and then tap the name of the Apple device you want to find.

Step 5:

Name of the device here referred to in the case. When you have more than one devices logged in with the same mail address the, it’ll ask you which one to find.

Step 6:

Click on the one you want to find and then you’ll be able to see your device’s location on a map in blue. Tap on the blue dot representing your device to access more options.

Step 7:

At the bottom of your device screen, you’ll able to see options to play a sound to find your device, put your device in lost mode to prevent others from using it. This in case if somebody has stolen or found your phone then they cannot try and use it or access the data stored on it or erase all the data on the device as you have already placed the alert of its loss.

Step 8:

If you tap on the car icon appearing next to the device’s name, then it will open maps giving you directions to the device’s location.

Track iPhone Location Using Computer

You can also track your device with a computer browser if you do not have your iOs device with you.

Step 1:

To do it, you gotta open browser and type, ‘’ once it opens sign into with by giving it your mail address and passwords. A map will appear where dots are seen on all the device’s locations, so you’ve got a tap on each and see which one do you want to find.

Step 2:

When you find the one, click on the ‘i’ button to access more options. You’ll see the same options that appeared on the Find my iPhone app.

Step 3:

Again when you click on the car button, it’ll guide you through the map to the device’s location.

It is all you’ve got to do to use find my iPhone app or say if you’ve got to find your device, this is how you can get hands-on your device.

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