How To Use Facetime Without Wifi Networks

Technically, if you’re using an iOS device such as iPhone or iPad running on iOS 6 or later version software. In this case, you can easily use the facetime app without wifi networks on your device without having a hassle. Else if your iOS device is running on iOS 5 version or previous version of the software. In this case, you can install and use the “My3G” app in your iOS device that allows you to run the iOS application on wireless carrier services.

In this article, we guide through a simple step by step guide to using facetime app without wifi connectivity. Moreover, Facetime is a video calling app that allows you to communicate with your friends and siblings through video calling feature with smart devices.

How To Use FaceTime Without Wifi On iOS Devices

Generally, there are three methods to use facetime application without wifi on iPhone or on other iOS devices. You can one of the below-given methods to use a facetime app without a wireless network.

Methods To Use FaceTime App Without Wifi Networks

  • Your iOS Device must be running on iOS 6 or later version.
  • You can access the Hotspot network to use Facetime App
  • Use Third-Party App To Jailbreak iOS 5 or previous version

1 # iOS Device Running On iOS 6 Or Later Version

Follow these steps to use Facetime on iOS 6 or later version iOS devices like iPhone or iPad.

  1. Tap on the “Settings” and after that tap on “FaceTime”.
  2. Scroll down the screen of the device you’re using for FaceTime. Toggle to turn on Celluar Data.
  3. Now go to the Home Page of the iOS device and launch FaceTime App.
  4. You can easily make Facetime Call without using Wifi networks.

2 # Use Personal HotSpot To Use FaceTime

Follow these steps to enable hotpost on your iPhone or iPad to use make FaceTime Calls without wifi network.

  • Tap on the Settings on your iOS device.
  • Tap on the Celluar Data or Mobile Data panel.
  • Tap on the “Personal Hotspot” and toggle to enable it.
  • Now Tap on “Turn on Wifi & Bluetooth”.
  • Now tap on the “Wifi Password” and enter the password of your hotspot.
  • Check your Hotspot displayed “To Connect Using Wifi” (you’ve create a hotspot).
  • Now connect the hotspot with another device and open FaceTime in it to make calls.