How To Use Digital Coax Cable For Subwoofer

In case if you’re wondering can I use digital coax cable for a subwoofer? then the answer is yes you can the regular RCA cables for Subwoofer without having a problem. There some things to consider about using RCA cables on powered subwoofer. In this article, we are going through some important topics for using RCA cables on Subwoofer.

Things To Consider To Use Digital Audio Cable For Subwoofer

There some important points that you must know before using high-pass RCA cables to the subwoofer.

# Can I Use Digital Cox Cable For Subwoofer

Technically, Education in electromagnetic assumption is required for a full perception, but we try to put in simple. Audio beats occur much lower than RF pulses. The electromagnetic wavelengths of audio wavelengths are much longer than the diameters of the wires connected. As an outcome, you can move audio beats above two separate wires with undetectable perversion.

Indifference, RF wavelengths are lower matched to the dimensions of the wires connected. Their cables have to be uniquely invested in order to bypass the distortion of the signs. They’re called “transmission lines.” The cables have a core channel enclosed by a circular guard and have a specific impedance of 75 ohms or more. Audio frequencies have no problem progressing above transmission lines. So its perfectly safe to use cox cables to Subwoofer.

# Difference Between Digital Coaxial And RCA Cable

RCA cables are just the variety of baccy utilized on the end (commonly known as a phono plug) and analogue video, component video, stereo audio, subwoofer and coaxial digital cables are all same. The standard of production used for an RCA > RCA cable can largely depend on the type of omen it is meant to carry, but eventually, they will all work no matter what they are used for.

The video cables are ordinarily developed to as close to a 75 Ohm resistance as potential, whilst analogue audio cables often engage superior materials to determine the sonic quality in some way and powerful ‘screening’ to keep audible hum at bay. Moreover, it all depends on the features.

Digital coaxial cable Specification: 

  • SPDIF digital audio use only.
  • Nominal cable characteristic impedance should ideally be 75 & 937 ohms;
  • Bandwidth requirements similar to those of composite video (> 6 MHz)
  • Non 75 & 937 ohms; RCA or phono connectors OK for short distances (< 3 m)
  • Use 75 & 937 ohms; BNC or TNC connectors for long lengths (> 10 m)

RCA cable Specification: 

  • The cable may or may not have 75 & 937 ohms; characteristic impedance.
  • The characteristic impedance of no importance for analogue audio.
  • Characteristic impedance is important for analogue video or digital audio.
  • The capacitance may matter in some analogue audio applications.