How To Update Keyboard Driver on Windows 10


Drivers were most important components of a computer on which lots of device runs. In a simple word, a  program that controls a device is called a driver whether it’s a printer, scanner or keyboard.  Some common computer drivers are audio driver, video driver and some others.

But some driver comes with the operating system or we can say that its default drivers and one of them is keyboard driver. When you upgrade your computer with some new OS such as Windows 10.

In that case, some drivers come as default on windows 10 on which the program controls the devices.
Recently one of the readers of this blog asked a question “how do I update the driver on windows 10”. Our team research this topic and complete analysis of it.

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How To I Check Drivers On My Computer  

That’s the most common question asked by millions of computer users on windows it was way to hard to update the drivers. If you recently upgraded your system with Windows 10 then this question also asked by you.

You can easily check the installed version of drivers on your computer with the help of these computer guides.

Step 1 : 

Open Computer Management  (Click on Start Menu > Right Click on Computer > Select Manage).


Step 2 : 

Now in new appear windows select Device Manager.

Step 3 : 

Now choose on the device category you want to check the driver version

Step 4 : 

After selecting the device. Click on it a new dialogue box pop-up on the screen.

Step 5 : 

On dialogue box. Go to the Driver tab and hit Drivers Details.

Now you know how you can check the version of the driver on windows without getting into any problem. But you’re not here to know that you’re here to know how you can update the Keyboard driver on Windows 10.

It was way to simple to update to the driver if you know how to check the version of the driver on Windows 10.

How To Update Keyboard Driver on Windows 10

The Keyboard driver was one of those drivers that come as default with windows. But sometimes you have to update the driver to fix some issues. Some Windows 10 users complain that after installing Windows 10 their keyboard stop fix your Keyboard you have to update the driver of your computer.

Step 1 : 

Open Device Manager 

Step 2 : 

Go to the Keyboards and Expand it to select the keyboard driver (Standard PS/2 Keyboard).

Step 3 : 

Right, Click on keyboard diver. Select Update Driver.

I hope this article will help you to know how you can update the windows, 10 keyboard driver. If you have any question related to Windows 10 then you can be asked and we try out best to give a proper solution for it.

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