How To Unsuspend Twitter Account – Step By Step Guide

Twitter is also a famous social media platform wherever individuals will share their opinions with others around the world. Twitter’s purpose is to serve the overall public language. except for posting views and opinions, people can also direct a Tweet to a specific person exploitation replies and mentions. Twitter’s reply.

The feature also helps individuals to create communication easier with others.  As a Twitter user, one will deactivate their account whenever they have and activate it once more. for some reason, if you’ve deactivated your Twitter account and want to activate it once more, their area unit some easy steps you may follow.

How To Unsuspend Twitter Account

If you’ve deactivated your account, and it’s been however thirty days, this area unit some steps which can assist you to unsuspend your Twitter account.

Follow these given below step by the step intuitions

Step 1:

To activate your Twitter account, 1st of all, you’d prefer to head to via, or open your Twitter for iOS or Android app.

Step 2: 

You’ve to enter your login credentials.

Step 3:

Before you check-in, you will see a notice asking you to verify if you’d wish to activate your account.

Step 4:

If you decide to activate your Twitter account, you will be redirected to your Twitter Home timeline. Please note that Tweets, followers, likes, etc., might take a brief time to fully restore.

Now after following all these four steps, you can easily reactivate twitter account of your without having a hassle. Moreover, In case if you want to delete or temporarily disable twitter account of yours then you can easily perform it by going to Twitter Account settings through Twitter App or going to the official website of Twitter.

Wrapping Up!

Hopefully, this article helps you out to know how you can activate your twitter account. In case if this you can also contact Twitter Support. In some cases, the Twitter support representative comes helpful for reactivating the Twitter account.