How To Turn Off Safe Search in Google Chrome & Firefox

Google Chrome of the most popular web browser developed by Google developers and currently more than billions of people using it on their computer and android OS basic smartphones. But to visit the web page or website you have to know that is that website secure for your computer.

If this computer from which you reading this article, used by children below 18-year-old then to stop adult or any sexuality video or image from google search engine you have to enable Safe Search.

You can easily turn off and remove Safe Search from any web browser such as Google Chrome and in this article you read the complete guide to remove safe search from google chrome from your computer.

Enable / Disable Safe Search In Google Chrome

Step 1 :

Open Google Chrome in your computer

Step 2 : 

Now in tab type enter “” and open settings as shown in given below image


Step 3 : 

Now easily turn off or turn on Safe Search in Google Chrome by a tick


Enable / Disable Safe Search From Mozilla Firefox

Step 1 :

Open Mozilla Firefox on your computer from Start Menu

Step 2 :

Now in tab type “”, and go to the settings

Step 3 :

In Google Search Engine Settings,  tick to enable or disable safe search


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