How To Turn Off iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro

Wonders, How To Turn Off iPhone 11? On most of the iPhones, you’ve got to hold down the power button, and then a slider appears on the screen that asks you to side the appearance to a particular side to switch it off.

How To Turn Off iPhone 11 – Step by Step Guide

But on iPhone 11, it is a bit different to turn off or on it. Follow below-given steps to easily turn off your iPhone without hassle.

Step 1:

You have to use the power button and one of the volume buttons. So you have press and hold either of the volume buttons for a few seconds, and you’ll get an appearance on the screen.

Step 2:

The appearance would be a sliding screen, which ask you to slide the button to a specific side, and it’ll go off.

How To Turn On iPhone 11 or Pro

Now to turn it back on, using the below steps.

Step 1:

You have to hold on to the power button, and the phone restart. (make sure you hold the power for few second and released it when the iPhone screen light turn on).

Way iPhone won’t Turn On or Off

Now in some specific cases, what happens is your phone gets into a position of paralysis. What is meant by that is, it gets frozen where you’ll see the screen appearing the same way as it would when it got frozen, and then you may get a call from somebody or message the phone ring or vibrate but would not show the screen and even if it shows up the screen it would lose the touch sensation.

The happening of this thing is quite rare, and if it happens, then it is not always easy to get your phone back in a suitable position. Keeping aside this situation getting onto a situation if your phone is lagging or not working correctly or not loading correctly or nothing but you feel it is not working as smooth and as efficient as it should.

How To Fix iPhone Screen Freeze Issue 

Now formatting the whole phone is an option but it causes loss of all the data on your iPhone and hence is not always recommended or even wanted. Another one is to update your software if your iPhone freezes or working inefficiently or anyhow requires or asks for an update.

Now in any of the above three cases, the easiest, convenient, helpful, and accessible option is a process known as ‘power restart’. You can power restart your phone instead of formatting or updating your software in case getting rid of any specific issue you face.

How To Force  Restart  iPhone 11

Now to power restart or also known as a force restart your iPhone.

Step 1:

You have to press the volume up button and then the volume down button, and lastly, you have to press and hold the iPhone power button for a few seconds.

Step 2:

After a few seconds just for a moment, the slider screen for switching off the phone appears, and then as you still are pressing the power button, that screen would disappear.

Step 3:

After it disappears, the apple logo display, and that’s when you must release your finger from the button, and your phone restarts.

What is how you power restarts or force restart your phone. This option is super accessible and as you saw super convenient and handy to use and it a hundred percent resolves any issue that you might be facing with your iPhone.

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