How To Turn off Google Ambient Mode While Charging

Google has introduced a new feature Android Ambient Mode in 2019. This feature comes handy with Google Ambient mode would reveal a visual overview of what to assume of your day, uncovering key reports like weather, calendar, reminders, and notification along with music control and much more.

Technically, the google ambient only pop-up when you’re an android phone while charging. This means the feature doesn’t affect your phone battery but there are other drawbacks. And if you want to turn off google ambient mode on your android cell phone you can easily do that by following below-given step by step instructions.

Turn off Google Ambient Mode on Android Phone

In case you don’t find Google Ambient feature handy for your cell phone you can easily disable this feature while your phone is charging and enable when you want to use this feature again on your android phone.

Follow the steps to disable Ambient Mode – 

Step 1:

Open Google App on your cell phone.

Step 2:

Now tap on the More button (3 dots) available at the bottom of your cell phone display screen.

Step 3:

After this tap on Settings and click on Google Assistant.

Step 4:

Now tap on the second tab named “Assistant” and scroll down the assistant panel to the bottom.

Step 5:

Underneath, the Assistant Device click on the Phone.

Step 6:

And lastly, turn off the Ambient Mode.

By following these steps you can turn off the Google Ambient mode while charging your phone. Again follow the same steps to turn on the ambient mode without having a hassle. Moreover, Google has updated its ambient mode with some features that will be rolling in the upcoming month.

Wrapping Up! 

Hope this short tutorial article helpful out to figure out how you can enable or disable ambient mode on your phone. In case if you any issues regarding turning off or on ambient mode feel free to take help with experts.

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