How To Track iPhone Location – Step by Step Guide

Location tracking alludes to technologies that physically locate the movement of something or someone. It also electronically records it. Location tracking technology is the most exciting technology that comes with GPS navigation, locations situated in digital pictures, and searching for businesses that are nearby using the position of the universal app.

Location tracking is often associated with the usage of our smartphones as smartphones made with a GPS chip. But there are other ways also by which location tracking done. Now here in this article, we are going to discuss the methodology of tracking iPhone locations. Read this article till the end to figure that out. The application which comes into play, in this case, is ‘find my friends’.

How To Track iPhone Location

It is an easily gettable apple application that you can use for location tracking. It is usually capable of sharing your location with your friends and family, but using this application, you can spy on someone if you want.

For this, you need your iPhone, and the person you want to spy on also needs to have an iPhone. Also, you both need to have ‘find my friend’s application’ installed in the iPhones. This application comes as a stock application in the case of iOS 9, but if you are using iOS 8, then you need to download this application from the apple store.

Step 1:

After assuring the presence of the application, first, take the iPhone you want to track and launch the app.

Step 2:

Then tap on ‘me’. After that, scroll down and enable “share my location.” Also, make sure the device will be checked under “share my location from” because it will show several methods that are attached to the iCloud. That is why checking is essential.

Step 3:

Now hit on “Done” and tap on “Add.”

Step 4:

Find the contact and tap on “Share Indefinitely.”

Step 5:

Back on your phone, you have to click on “Accept.” It will take you to find my friend’s application, and it will ask you if you want to share your location with the other phone.

Step 6:

Tap on the “Don’t Share” and then tap on “Done.”

Now with this, you can track the location of that iPhone whenever you want indefinitely. Even you will be notified if the iPhone leaves a specific position or arrive at a precise area. So you can successfully keep track of that iPhone location actively.

Additional Tips:

The other owner of the iPhone will not be able to figure that matter out unless he/she goes to define that Find my friend’s application. You can even hide the “find my friends” app on the other phone if you want. Just protect the app by taking it to a folder and drag it down to hide that. That is how you can track the location of an iPhone