How to Send an Invoice Ultimate Guide

What is an Invoice and how to send invoices, you must be finding how to send it and various requirements for it? In generating various reports here, you can understand how to send invoices which enables you to get the payment faster. No other forms of downloading of any software for such purpose.

Along with this, it is also not necessary to create an additional account for making of the invoices as the feature told here enables you to send more quickly and efficiently. For more information, you can also go through our step by step on how to make and send an invoice on PayPal. Which is an international money transfer platform to send and receive payments.

How to Send an Invoice

Here are the explained steps which enables you to send the invoices more appropriately and you be able to perform more easily.

Step 1

Firstly, you have to create the invoices which you can easily create using the Expensify as your option. You can create it by going to their website. Or else you can use any other invoice software to create your invoice. But the process will be the same in all software.

Step 2

Now in your given page, click on reports option at the given bar of the upward side of the page.

Step 3

There given, open your invoices from the leftward side. There you find all your invoices of the account which you have made.

Step 4

From there, select the invoice which you want to send from the given list and open to see the details of it.

Step 5

Now, as in detail the given invoice, click on the send option shown at the upward side the page, and it begins the process of sending of it. A form occurs there, providing necessary details to you.

Step 6

They ask you to enter all the information on the given area in the form. It asks your email address, memo and due date which you have to enter correctly by all the forms.

Step 7

Now send the invoice by clicking on the send option, and the invoice sent to the required person.

Wrapping Up!

Hope you find the article helpful to know the process of creating and sending an invoice to send and received payments without having a hassle. Through online invoice software or international payment gateways like PayPal, Skrill etc.  Moreover, you can also get knowledge about how you can easily send an invoice on eBay to get paid for your good and services.