How To Secure Your Tiktok Account

How to secure your TikTok account? If you use or have an account on TikTok than it can get hacked any time. To save your account from getting hacked.

Secure TikTok Account From Being Hacked

what you have to do is go to your profile where the videos uploaded by you are shown or where your followers and following is shown, there on the top right corner, tap on the three horizontal dots ‘option’ icon. After getting into it tap on the topmost option that says ‘Manage my account’
And inside it, there will be three options and the second one is a phone number. Now, most of the logins or sign-ups on applications like these happen through Google or Facebook or email and of course through phone numbers.

Now if in case you have your account logged in, with anything else but your phone number then click on the phone number option and add your phone number and by adding your phone number what you will be benefitted on is your account will remain secure. As when you log in with your phone number even to change it or your password there is an OTP system that can only be received with your own number and this way it keeps your account secured. If someone else hacks your account or you are not able to log in into your account you just add your phone number to your I’d and it will stay secure.

Second thing that you are supposed to do to secure your account more from getting hacked or getting lost is going to the same option on the top right corner of your phone. Here, just below the option of managing my account is the second option ‘Privacy and Security’. In this, there is an option of two-step verification. What two-step verification actually does is, whenever you login into your account again or login it on some other device, even if the password username and email are correct it will ask you for an OTP sent on your mobile number through which the application makes sure that the account is getting logged in by the owner of the account itself or the one who’s number is given on that very account.

By doing this, there is no possibility of your account getting hacked or you losing your account. Now if you wonder that if your number gets changed, then in the manage my options account, there is an option given for changing your number. You may choose that option and change your number. In this way, you can secure your TikTok account.