How To Recover Deleted Photos From Gallery

You to know the safe and secure process to recover deleted photos from Gallery iPhone or Android. Now, if by chance you delete some images and now you want them back, or you just deleted some images, and later you find out that those were important to you and if you think you can’t get them back, then you’re wrong.

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How To Recover Deleted Photos From Gallery

You can quickly get them back by specific steps.

Now for this 

Step 1:

First of all, you have an open UC Browser or any specific browser you use.

Step 2:

Enter “” in the URL section of the web browser on your iPhone.  After opening the app, when you scroll through it, you see an option where it asks you to click and download ‘disk digger pro apk.’

You can download the same application from google play store, but that asks for a certain sum of money where from this site, it’ll b free for you.

Step 3:

Now click on it to redirect you to another page where it’ll ask confirmation for downloading the file. After its done, you have to install it.

Step 4:

Open the app after it gets installed, it’ll ask you permission to root your device; now as you are using it for just images you can choose not to root it either, but if you are using it to recover files then you have to root your phone. 

Step 5:

Now it asks you to select your phone’s storage by which it means that you have to select the location of your storage of photos like either your phone storage or your SD card from wherever you want to recover the photos.

Step 6:

You may now select the format for your photos, which by default, the app uses jpg. You may select any of them.

If you want to retrieve specific data, then you must select that format only by which automatically the others won’t be recovered by which your time saved and the process be speedy too.

Step 7:

For photos, select the jpg format. You have to select a specific location again, this time for where to store the recovered photos.

Step 8:

On the homepage of the application, After that you have to click on ‘start basic photo scan.’ Just after a moment, it shows up on a screen all those pictures which were from that specific location. 

Now, if there’s a specific file you’ve been searching for, and you don’t find it recovered, you may repeat the process and get to it.

You can also pause the recovery in any case you want.

Step 9:

Now choose the photos you require to recover out them and then click on recover on the first tab.

☆Now you can send the recovered images either directly to google drive, your email, to your phone storage or your SD card wherever you want.

Step 10:

Now the photo is recovered and stored to that location, which you selected earlier for this purpose. You can double-check, and you find your file on that location.

Now, this is a super easy process by which you can recover your deleted or lost photos.