How To Recover Deleted Files From Excel – Step by Step Guide

How To Recover Deleted Files From Excel

To recover Microsoft excel file in case if by any chance of you did not save it or deleted or maybe misplaced it and you’re not able to find them anymore you can any day recover them. Now the same process can be performed in any version of windows.

Step 1:

Open any document, any sheet then go to ‘menu,’ click on ‘file.’ Go onto options, click on it, and you’ll see some buttons, where you gotta click on save. There you see ‘customize how to workbooks are saved’ option where you can modify it, make changes.

Step 2:

Now here you get two things, (Auto recovery- save time, which can be changed, decreased, or anything of your choice. ) You also get to see where the files are getting saved, and you may adjust it according to you. You have to copy the auto-recovery file location and close everything. For guaranteed safety, note the link somewhere like on a notepad or something.

Step 3:

Now you have to open your Microsoft explorer window, To open it.

  1. Hold down the windows key on the keyboard and press E together with it, and the explorer window opens.
    On top of it, be a URL bar, where you have to paste the recovery location, press enter.
  2. The files saved to that location display next, now suppose you want to recover one of the files from this location so select one of the files, by either date, modified date, or name.
  3. Firstly, double click on it or right-click on it and open it. A dialogue box appears that says no errors detected in the file name. You have to click okay to that.

Step 4:

The file opens, and you see all the data in it.

  1. You have to save it or press Ctrl+S, it says to keep your changes where you have to keep your workbook with a new name on to a different location. Click okay and modify it if you want. Save it on the desktop and after that name it.
  2. Press enter, and now the file has been saved on your desktop. On your desktop, you find the file that you recovered on your desktop with the respective name you saved it. And this is how you can recover any Microsoft file of yours.

Wrapping Up!

I hope you find this how-to recovered deleted files from Excel article helpful to know complete procedure to recover files on excel in Windows or Mac computer without having a hassle.