How To Reboot Frozen Screen Cell Phone (Moto G 2nd, Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge Plus, OnePlus Two, Xperia Z4)

Nowadays, every single person carries a smartphone of iOS and Android operating system and it was too hard to resolve any problem that occurs on a cell phone easily. However, smartphone companies provide some helpful guides solve some normal issue or damage happen in smartphone by users mistakes.
Today discuss one of this mistake occur in android based smartphones, normally when you buy the smartphone from any company for different purpose manly there are five types of smartphones available in the market. Apple iPhone, Android Smartphone, Windows Phone and Amazon Fire Phone and more are adding soon in upcoming years. Mainly person buys a business smartphone with high-tech specs for best performance.

If you are using an android smartphone and accidentally your smartphone goes freeze or hung and nothing working on the display then in this case you have to restart or reboot your smartphone. Currently, I am using Motorola Moto G 2nd generation and I have a lot of apps and documents files save and installed on my cell phone and this sometimes hangs the phone. I searched a lot then finally found the solution to this problem.

My Smartphone display hang, What to do and How I can manually fix it?

If you using any cheap or budget-friendly smartphone that comes with some built-in internal memory 8 GB to 16GB then you have to install a lot of large sizes apps and games this is the many reasons your smartphone was hang. Secondly use a scanning app like QR Code which is best in scanning the smartphone it can easily easier unnecessary apps and files installed and save in your smartphone. The third point to me remember is to install a free anti-virus app.

How to Restart screen frozen Smartphone With Non-Removable Battery?

Somethings smartphones hang automatically and we have to restart the smartphone to make it again better.

I recommend you only restart your smartphone if your smartphone display hangs and not working because in the factory restore all the apps, games, images and personal documents deleted and you can’t restore them again easily.

Restart Your Smartphone In Easy Steps-by-Steps Guide?

Do not use force, to restarting your smartphone when it was when the screen is frozen or the phone is locked up.

To reboot, the android smartphone press or hold the volume + power button for almost 10 seconds and your smartphone reboot easily.

Official Page of Motorola To Reboot The Motorola Smartphones

Benefits of rebooting Android Smartphone :

  • Data on your smartphone will not be deleted
  • Fast Accessing and improved speed
  • Improved performance

How To Factory Reset LG G4 in frozen screen or phone is locked?

Problems in LG G4 :

  •  Performs slowly
  •  Freezes
  • Turns off or unexpectedly restarts
  • Displays error messages
  • Is unable to install or update applications

Recommend: 15 Best Antivirus App For Smartphones

These are two methods available for resetting the LG G4 

First Method:

Soft Rest To Solve screen freeze or not responding touchscreen

Mainly method used when LG G4 display screen was freeze or touch not working and you can make it better again with a soft reset.

Hold Power Button for more than 10 seconds to reboot the smartphone

Second Method:

Hard Reset To Solve Forgotten Password / Locked Up

  1. Hold Power Key For While > Hold Volume Down And Power Button For Few Seconds
  2. Release The Button When LG Logo Displayed > Again Press Power and Lock Button
  3. Drop All  Buttons When Factory Hard Reset Displayed in Screen
  4. Tab Power and Lock Button to Continue / Volume Key to Cancel
  5. Tab Power / Lock button to conform / Volume Key to Cancel

How To Restart Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge in frozen?

If your device is not responding properly and frozen screen problem more than three times or less then you have to restart your Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge by holding Power Key and Volume Key for almost 10 seconds

How To Restart Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus on frozen screen?

Hold Power Button for some seconds and then press the volume button for 10 seconds

How To Restart OnePlus 2 on a frozen screen?

Tab Power Button >  Press volume button for 10 seconds for uverse reboot

How To Restart Sony Xperia Z4 on a frozen screen?

Holding Power key for second and then>  Press volume button for 9 to 10 seconds

How To Restart LG G4 on a frozen screen?

Power key for second and then press volume button for 10 seconds

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