How To Open .RAR Files In [Windows, Android & Mac]

how to open .rar files? is that the question you’re looking for on the web to find the proper solution or guide on opening RAR files on your computer or smart devices such as Android, iPhone, Mac, Linux or Windows. In this case,  don’t worry in this article, we’re taking you through an ultimate guide on How to open .rar files.

Both ZIP and RAR helped in compress files and folders to make them easier to transfer throughout your computer. When it comes to RAR we can say that it has a few advantages. Like it can compress files at a very high level and offer more advanced options for the error recovery. But, these all benefits, are useless if you don’t know how to compress the file with RAR on Mac or Windows.

How To Open RAR Files On Different (OS) Device

We have gathered some of the most useful information that helps you to know how you can easily extract RAR files or folders on your device without having a hassle.

Open RAR Files On Windows (With 7 Zip )

This is a short tutorial in which we demonstrate to you how to open RAR files using  7 Zip software on Windows 10.

Follow below-given steps to figure out the processor to open RAR files on Windows –

Step 1:

Firstly,  Open the web browser on your computer and download 7 Zip software. If you’re running the latest version of Windows 10 then you might want to download 64-bit version software to avoid errors when you open or try to zip a file using 7 Zip.

After downloading the software, double-click on the 7 Zip software icon to run the step-up for installation. Now select the desired location on your computer for the utility. Click the install button available on the bottom of the right corner of the window screen. At last click on the Finish button when its done lunch the program.

Step 2:

Now go to the RAR file or folder that you want to open on your computer. Right-Click on the file and from the quick menu select “7 Zip” and in the pop-up menu select “Open Archive”.

Step 3: 

The 7 Zip program will be launched automatically after performing the second step. Now after this, double click on the file that you want to access. This will redirect you to a copy of the original file or folder. Click to open the file. (as shown in the given screenshots).

Alternatively, you can also open the RAR folder directly from the 7 Zip software. Launch the software from the Start Menu or Desktop Shortcut and go to the navigation bar and click on “File > Open”. Now select the file that you want to open.

Open RAR Files On Android Devices (With RAR App)

Android is the second most used operating system after Windows. So basically it is necessary to know how to open a rar file on android phones.

So, basically you want to know how to use a RAR file extractor on Android devices. Follow below-given steps by step instructions to extract RAR files on android.

Step 1:

First of all, Download the RAR Extractor for Android from the Google Play Store or APK file. We will demonstrate the process using the “RAR” app. If you want you can download it from Play Store else you can download other RAR file extractor such as ZArchiver, WinZip etc.

 Step 2:

Install the RAR extractor application on your android device and launched the application on your Android device.

Step 3:

Open the RAR app on your android device. Navigate to the folder that you want to open through RAR. Enter the password, if you’re promoted to view the contents of the file or folder you wish to open.

Some RAR files or Folder are passwords protected for security purposes. You need a password from the person who creates a RAR folder or file to open it

Step 4:

Tap on the particular file or folder to open. Else you can also press and hold on the folder or file to open a menu with a list of actions to perform with the file.

However, if you want to perform some action on multiple files then tap on the boxes given right to the files or folders for selecting and after that press and hold one of the files to open the list of menu actions.

Open RAR Files On Mac OS X – (The Unarchiver)

Compressing the file on Mac OS is an important feature of the operating system, but it only helps if you know how to open the compress files on Mac. Apple has essential tools for pressing files simply by clicking on them. But there is a catch in this feature you don’t have complete control over the tool. So we suggest you can try Unarchiver Software.

The Unarchiver is a build-in archives unpacker program that comes with Mac OS only it also called “Archive Utility”. Moreover, their lots of advantages of using this software on Mac for packing or unpacking files. Like its support multiple zip file formates along with additional function the same as 7 Zip in Windows.

Follow the below steps to use Unarchiver on Mac OS –

Step 1:

Download the Unarchiver on your Mac from the web or Unarchiver official website.

Step 2: 

Install it on your Mac computer. Now after this, Once opened, assure the box near RAR Archive is counted along with any other archive types you want to open using the Unarchiver and click the Extraction tab resided at the top of the application window of your Mac screen.

Now choose the save place for the resulting folder or file from the drop-down menu. After this, control-click on the RAR file which you want to open and select the Unarhiver from the menu beside “Open With” the option.

Step 3:

The software will automatically create and save the folder or file with the identical name as the RAR file in the previously particular location. Now you can open the RAR file in the relevant program.

Best Alternative For Unarchiver For Mac

If you want an alternative to unarchiver for mac computer. Then here some of the best Unarchiver alternatives such as Start with Keka and iZip both file compressing software are excellent for extracting ZIP, 7z and RAR files on Mac OS.