How to Nintendo Switch Accounts

If you want, then linking your Nintendo account is possible in many ways. You need to follow the required steps for it. They are given here on this page. The ID of your Nintendo needs to be signed in with your existing form of account so that no other issue takes place. The proper information needs to be given to reduce the problems that happen during the connectivity.

The other features get enabled when you link your account with it. This account is restricted with age. Only in the required age is allowed to create an account on Nintendo. You can access much other info by getting the help from the required page of Nintendo.

How to Nintendo Switch Accounts

Here are the explained steps about the switching of Nintendo account:-

Step 1

Firstly, to turn on the switch, click on the power button shown on the upward side of the page. It is given as the circle form to the next of the volume option.

Step 2

Now move to the home screen by clicking on the controller. It appears like a house button there on the screen.

Step 3

After that, click on the button, which appears like a gear there. It is the settings option for selecting any item on your Nintendo, right-click on the joy button.

Step 4

Now click on the users’ option. It is shown at the settings option of the given system. You can find it on the eighth one given there on the page. Moreover, you find all the other options there in the settings.

Step 5

Go to the add user on your page. It is at the downside of the settings on the Nintendo. Under the user’s option, you find it easy.

Step 6

Click on the next option. It explains the user to select either a name or a nickname for it. Click on the next to get the other page.

Step 7

Various icons appear there. From them, you have to select one. You can get more info about this on the help page.

Step 8

Select a nickname for the form. You can write any name there for your account.

Step 9

Now click on the OK button. It confirms the name of your account.

Step 10

After that, sign your account and create by using a sign-in account option.

Step 11

Now select the option showing as link your account there on your screen.

Step 12

Write your email ID and password and then sign in to your account of Nintendo.

Step 13

Click on the OK button to continue.

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