How To Make Pizza Dough – Ultimate Guide

Going Through With Pizza 

If anytime ask children or anyone about their evening snacks, their most answer will surely start with pizza. Pizza, a dish that excites everyone the more delicious items you put in it, the tastier it comes. To make a perfect pizza you need to make the best dough for it, then only it will come as required forms. For the best dough, it is simple to have easy ingredients to be included in it. Making this dish tricky will not be the solution, but making it a bit interesting will be more perfect.

How To Make Pizza Dough

Therefore, here is the process for making the perfect pizza dough:


This is the basic need in making the pizza dough. So, for the materials you need-

  •  You need water in ratios for the requirement (three and a half cups). 
  •  Flour as per the quantity (two cups). 
  •  Salt as required for taste (two teaspoons). 
  •  Yeast for the fluffy look (one and a half teaspoon). 

For the purpose if you want to make an extra larger pizza you will require an extra dough, for that, you just have to increase the quantity of the ingredients.


  •  Here in this recipe, we are making a pound of dough which can easily be taken by two people. 
  •  The time it will require is one and a half houses to get into the whole making of it. 


For the method, there are many ways of making it. You can create the dough and can put it for an hour, then go with the further creations, or also you can go with whenever you can make and keep it in the refrigerator till when you need it.

In actuality, the dough will be the best when it will be chilled in the refrigerator for the time of two days. This will develop the flavour in it by giving the best texture to it.

Materials Required 

  1. A mixer that can be easily attached to the hook or a perfect bowl. 
  2. A good spatula. 
  3. Plastic wrapper for covering the bowl. 

Steps included

  •  Firstly, you have to pour water into the bowl. Then spread the yeast in the water and it will cover the time of five minutes till the yeast absorbed in it. 
  •  Now add flour and salt in it. Stir the mixture well with a stipula until it comes as a shaggy dough. 
  •  By the use of the hook, shake the dough on normal speed until the time it forms a softball. If in case the dough forms sticky mixture, you can add a spoon of flour to it. 
  •  If the pizza is for today’s dish, then you can clean the mixing bowl, put oil in it and can easily put the dough in it. Then you can cover it with a plastic wrapper until the time it doubles the size. 
  •  After dividing the dough in half portion, you can easily roll the pieces and transfer it to baking. You can top up it with cheese sauce, and another kind of toppings. 
  •  Now bake the pizza till it turns to crisp and golden or it will depend on how you need its taste.
  • Cool your pizza otherwise, it will disturb the mouth and it may burn