5 Best Free VPN For Android Phone

Looking for some of the best VPN Services for Android devices that are Free, Safe, and Reliable.

Best VPN Services For Android in 2020

1. Surfshark

If you wanted to a secure and private network to browse the internet you can choose Surfshark. Its supports multiple platforms including macOS, Windows, Android, iOS, FireTV, Chrome, Edge, and Linux. 

surfshark vpn

This secure VPN offers multiple features such as secure and fast protocol, strong encryption, Private DNS along with leak protection, two-factor authentication, and much more.

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2. ProtonVPN

According to my, this is the best free VPN service. With protonVPN, you’ve got free and open reign on what proportion you download, how often you go between servers, and the way quickly you were looking to download the content you discover.

ProtonVPN App

The difference between the paid and free VPN services provided is that they limit you on what percentage of devices you’ll use per account. Also, you do not get to use Proton’s advanced security measures. aside from that, they’re pretty great. I’m saying this because their free offering touches on the safety points that matter foremost when considering which VPN to use. ProtonVPN leverages encryption on par thereupon employed by the military also as a no-fail and reliable kill switch.

There also are open peers to see or P2P network traffic. of these factors combined to form ProtonVPN an enormous contender within the free VPN realm and in our humble opinion the amount one best choice you’ll choose.

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3. Hotspot Shield

free vpn app for android

It is quite the coolest free VPN because the app touts the title proudly with 600 million users. Now with this many users wouldn’t that make an enormous burden on networks because they are not ready to handle this much traffic all time, but surprisingly they do. They additionally to be the popular free VPN, they also likely are the world’s fastest surpassing speeds. It speeds today are faster than proton VPNs and that they have a huge user base.

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4. VPNHub

free von for android

This app gives you free unlimited access to one USS server and there’s no bandwidth limit, data, or time allocation. So one server is usually free for you and there’s no limit. But if you would like more servers of higher speeds you’ll always upgrade to the premium plan.

Apart from that on the free services, there could be some ads here n there, on the other hand, those ads aren’t inclusive and at the top, it’s running within the background. It’s a great free VPN for Android devices on our list.

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5. Windscribe VPN

One of the simplest things about this app is it gives you 10 GB of knowledge even on a free account and not only that the app interface is extremely simple to use and you only got to select the situation and tap on connect. we will use this 10gbs of knowledge across Android.

Windscribe VPN for android

Windows and there are numerous platforms that this particular app supports. aside from that if you upgrade to the premium plan, you will get unlimited location and unlimited VPN service bandwidth but even without that you simply get access to 11 free country servers even on the free limited plan.

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6. Tunnel Bear VPN

Now, this has been there for a real while, it gives you approximately 500 MBS for the month, but if you tweet about the service using your Twitter, you get a further 1 GB of knowledge which makes the entire to 1.5 GB.

Tunnel Bear app

The app is extremely simple to use, just tap on the server you’d wish to use then connect. Most of the days the speed up code but if you upgrade the app to the premium plans the speed are even better and you get the decision to choose like if you simply want on Android then there’s an app for that but if you would like it to get on windows and iPhone then they need different plans.

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