How to Make Duet on Tiktok – Step by Step Guide

During your free time, you may decide with your friends to make TikTok videos and duet with them. It is much exciting and enjoyable to spend some time with your friends in creating videos and save them as a memory. You might be searching everywhere that where to find the exact procedure of creating them.

Well, all the steps for that are explained here on this page. Tiktok is the most used app for creating videos and sharing them worldwide. It is the best form of getting innovative editing to your videos with the best sounds and creations.

How to Make Duet on Tiktok

Here are the steps explained for making duet on TikTok:-

Step 1

Firstly, open the TikTok app on your mobile phone. It appears like a blackish color form and a music picture on it. You can easily find it in your apps on your screen.

Step 2

To create a duet, you now have to find a video for it. You can select the one given on your feed or your device. It can also select from a person’s profile. If you want to select from there, then you can go to their profile and click on their name with whom you want to do the duet.

Step 3

After that, select the video on which you want to make a duet. It can be a video of your friend. Now it appears on your screen.

Step 4

Click on the share button. It appears as circles connected. An option for allowing to share occurs there on your given page.

Step 5

Now click on the duet option shown on your screen on the share button. It opens the creator form on the page. You must note that you have an account created to make videos. Without an account, you were not able to create them.

Step 6

After that, go to the camera option given there on your page. Now you can create videos with your friends. Various filters that you can find there on your screen gives more effects to your video.

Step 7

Click on the next option shown there. It is there on the downside of the page.

Step 8

Now click on the post option shown there. It posts the video which you made to your profile. You can add the required captions or any other text to your video.

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