How to Make a PDF Fillable – Step by Step

How to Make a PDF Fillable? To use the official form in paper form after the completion of paperwork done on the internet, fillable pdf forms use there. From the given various types of document, the existing one can create which may involve the documents of paper, word documents or different kinds of spreadsheets.

With the help of Adobe Acrobat, you can create fillable pdf from any document. It can make by forming a document along with the editing of it from various fields. You can also check the complete process of how you can change JPG file to PDF file in Windows without hassle.

How to Make a PDF Fillable – Step by Step Guide

Here are the explained steps which you need to follow while creating a fillable PDF.

Create PDF Fillable

Step 1

Firstly, open the acrobat in adobe on your PC. It is the app which enables you to create and manage the files of pdf in the best form. They allow you to make the fillable pdfs even better. It comes with the best presentation. You have to sign up to your account in the website of adobe.

Step 2

Now go to the tools option which given at the upward side of the screen. Select the prepare form option, which is purple in the middle of the page.

Step 3

After that go to the select file option which enables you to get the file from another form like excel or word into an acrobat form. For the further selection of the document, select the one which you want from another way. Click the name of the document which you require.

Step 4

Select the start option for importing of your file. It changes to the Acrobat form. Now editing can also be done from the required places and can add the new one to it.

Use Tools To Make PDF Fillable

Step 1

Firstly, select the tools option and then the prepare option from the given page. It shows on the upward side of the page. It edits the required form and you can easily create the existing fields and can make a new one from the given elements.

Step 2

For the creation of required fields on the given document, a list of the panel occur showing under the option of the heading fields. For changing it, you have to make the desired form of size of it to get the various adjustments.

Step 3

Now select the field of text in which you want to add the new field. It appears like a T form, and it gives in the document shown there. You can also copy it along with the required selection.

Step 4

Select the type of location in which you want to add a field of text. It adds the field to the location which you selected. You can also draw a box, thereby moving the cursor to the place and can copy there to the desired location.

Step 5

Write the name for the given field in the option of the field name. Tap on the properties option for getting access to the tools which you want to edit. The new box appears on the field, and if you want, then you can also add the required form of the dialogue box there.

Step 6

On the given field, add the text to box and then go to the tabs for checking the ways in the formatting field there. Select the options button for getting the additional features and various checking of it.

Wrapping Up!

You can also add the various types of menus and options that give in the tool which represents the properties of the location given there. Also, check how to you can embed PDF doc on a web page to share using email or social network websites.