How To Make A Magical Express Reservation Online

Disney World is totally one of the best dynamic places to visit in 2020. If there is vacation time and you’re planning to visit Disney World with your family or friends and don’t know how you can book a reservation for the magic express through the online process to save your time for necessary work like shopping and packing the luggage.

In this, we are going to help you by guiding you the proper step-by-step process of booking a seat in magic express without having hassle online or over the phone.

Magical Express Reservation

How To Reserve Seats In Magical Express For Disney World

Firstly, as you if know What is Magical Express? then move to the next paraph but if you know about it. Then here we go, Magical Express is a private transportation service and luggage management for Walt Disney World Resort which is operated by Mears Transportation Services. Most importantly this is a complimentary service only for guests at reservation at Walt Disney.

Follow the below-given steps to reserve the magical express.

Basically, there are two ways to book magical express through Disney world. First is you can submit a form offered by Disney World Support for making a reservation for Magical Express. In which you’ve filled the information regarding the persons and guest take comes with you on magical express. And the second option is you can also book magical express by contacting Disney World support over the phone and follow their instructions.

In this article, we going through both ways of booking reservations on magical express.

Making Online Reservation For Magical Express

Follow the step to submit the online form provided by Disney World Support for making the reservation for your family or friends.

Step 1: Open Magical Express Reservation from a web browser on your phone or desktop.

Magic Express Reservation Online

In this form, you’ve to fill in all the details required by Walt Disney Support for making the reservation for you.

Step 2: Continue, to the next step for adding persons or guest

add a guest into magic express

You can add the number of persons or guests who go with you on this trip through Magical Express. Enter their name and personal details and hit the continue button.

Step 3: Review the information that you’re about to submit

Before going to the next page make sure to recheck all the information that you’ve provided to Disney World Support for your reservation. Such as the name of each person, the number of persons etc.

Book Magical Express Reservation

After submitting the form, you’ve to write most guidelines provided by Disney World Support to secure your travelling.

How Magical Express Works?

Readout below given guidelines provided Disney World Support for their customer. These are things to consider after booking seats in Magical Express.

Before You Leave Home
Be sure to pack any medications, valuables, and any other essential items you will need upon arrival into a carry-on bag.

Arrival at Orlando International Airport
Please take the train from your gate to the main terminal and proceed to Disney’s Magical Express located in Terminal B, level 1. You may follow the airport signs to Disney’s Magical Express.

Luggage Delivery

There are two options for luggage delivery provided by Disney World Support.

  1.  You can pick up your luggage at the baggage claim located on Level 2 and bring it with you on the motorcoach. Bell Services can provide assistance to your room upon check-in.
  2. You may proceed to Disney’s Magical Express and Disney will collect your luggage. You will need to provide your airline baggage claim check numbers to the Disney representatives.

Luggage delivery to your resort room may take up to 3 hours to arrive after you have checked in at the resort. You do not need to be in your room to receive your luggage.

To check in for your transportation, you will be asked to confirm your return flight information. You will then board a motorcoach that will take you to your resort. Your travel time may take 45-75 minutes as the motorcoaches may make multiple stops before arriving at your resort.