How To Hide Your Instagram Story From Someone

Don’t know how to hide the Instagram story from someone or a specific person. In this case, here read out this entire article and get your answer. As we all know that Instagram is the best place to share our memories with our followers. But, there occur some moments which we would like to hide from some of them, those moments that we want to share only with our family, friends or relatives.

How To Hide Instagram Story From Someone 

Well, that’s literally possible in three easy ways which are shown below.

 Getting it through stories menu

The easiest way of hiding people is going through directly from the stories menu. This feature is introduced by Instagram two years ago.

For this, you have to follow just a few steps shown below –

  • Click on the “More” option, from the story you want to hide people.
  • Select the “Story Settings” option.
  • In the given “ Story Settings” menu, an option of “Hide Story from” is available.
  • If this option is never used before, it will appear as ‘0 People’.
  • Click on ‘0 People’ option

This will show your list of followers and also a search field where you can search the name of people you want to hide from

  • Select the person from whom you want to hide your story and then click on the ‘Tick’ sign shown on the right upper corner.
  • And therefore, it’s done.

Note: Once the story is hidden, all the stories will be kept hidden until you update your Story Settings.

How To Hide Instagram Profile From Someone

The previous method is available only for certain people who follow us. But the story is still open for certain random people who visit our profile.

Therefore, Instagram also allows hiding our stories from such people who don’t follow us.

For that, you need to follow these given steps:-

  • Go to the profile of the person from whom you want to hide your stories.
  • Click the three dots option in the right upward corner.
  • It will show a number of options which will include a ‘Hide your story’ option.
  • Click that ‘Hide your story’ option.
  • Confirm it by clicking ‘Hide’.
  • And therefore, it’s done.

How To Share Instagram Story With Close Friends

There is also a way to hide your stories by making a list in the option of ‘Close Friends’.

The steps for the same are as follows – 

  • Hit the three dots button from the right upward corner from your profile.
  • Then, select the ‘Close Friends’ option.
  • Then, a list of suggested contacts will appear whom you want to add as close friends.
  • Click the ‘Add’ button to whom you want to add.
  • The moment you complete it, go to the stories and choose the image you want to post.
  • Post the story by clicking on the ‘Close Friends’ button. 
  • And therefore, it’s done.

Wrapping Up!

Therefore, these were the easy ways of hiding stories from people on Instagram.