How To Know You Can Get Your Lost Luggage Back

You ever lost your bag or luggage on a flight on American Airlines. Its happened to more than 20 % of passengers everyday. But getting back your lost bag its touching task.

But there are some formalities you can do to make a process smoother to get you bag back to you. There are some steps you must follow if your luggage is lost.

What To Do If You Bag Is Lost by American Airlines

In this post, we guide you how to get back your lost bag through step by step guides. Which you find easy to understand.

Step 1 : 

First of all after losing your luggage you must let agent of missing baggage office of airlines to know your bag is missing. Secondly create a report of this claim and then American Airline Baggage will issue you a 13-character file reference number.

Step 2 :

Now after registering your claim you must track you claim. You can easily track your luggage claim with your Name and Reference Number on American Airlines Website.

Step 3 :

If it has been more then 5 days or week since you lost your luggage, you will need to complete this form and submit to baggage department or a company.

Step 4 : 

If you need to contact American Airline for any reason or to get  further information about getting your luggage back. You can use this Helpline.

3 Things Before You Fly – Help You If Your Luggage Is Lost 

Do these below mention things before you get on the plane. These things help you to get your luggage back or to get lost luggage insurance money.

Take A Photo Your Luggage 

Make luggage bags look like same but if you’ve photos you luggage you can easily identity you bag. The photo help you have to describe the bag once it’s gone.

Don’t Pack Valuable Things 

Some airlines have policies that they don’t transport expensive or unique items. So don’t pick up the things take look expensive. Besides good stuff has been known to go missing from checked bags. If you’ve any expensive item you must keep it with you on carry bag.

Stick A Business Card With Your Bag 

Exterior tags can get easily damaged or torn off. Business card makes it simple for the airline to reunite you with lost luggage

Keep Debit Card In Your Bag 

In case if your lost luggage and after that you will need to buy thing or make payment for any official formalities do it debit card.

Keep Identification Document With You  

Identity Card such as a driving license and some other document will help you to Identity when you’re luggage is lost. There are some other official usages of Identification documents in Airlines.