How to Get Minecraft for Free – This Work For Me

Wondering how to get Minecraft for free version? No worries, you are at a great place. Here we explain the full steps for getting Minecraft for free. Here is the little information on Minecraft.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a gaming software that is famous all around the world. It comes as the java edition in classic form. It is the video game of sandbox which is best in development by the Mojang Studios. Players can explore many new things in Minecraft by going in much deep on it.

A blocky and raw materials extraction are the better options available in Minecraft. The modification along with the mode of survival is a great extension. Users can download it for free on their PCs. Although no way of legal is available for downloading the Minecraft gaming. The full version is available oy in purchasing mode.

How to get Minecraft for Free

Here are the procedures for downloading the Minecraft server for free.

Procedure 1: By Bedrock Edition through Windows

Step 1

Firstly, start with the checking of the copy of Minecraft. Make sure that your device contains a copy of Minecraft of the classic base. Get the edition of Bedrock as it gives a free version of Minecraft gaming. It is easily available in PC and can be downloaded in a compatible form.

Step 2

Now, get the website of Mojang. We can simply get it on and logging in to Chrome.

Step 3

Enter your account thereby logging in to your account. Enter your address and password and click on the login option. It will open the page where you can buy the Minecraft gaming. You must log in with the exact account that is compatible to get Minecraft.

Step 4

Go on the page and find the section of Minecraft for Windows 10. This is actual if you have the Windows 10 version. Similarly, you can go for further versions too if you have different. It is visible at the center of the page.

Step 5

Click on the option of claiming your free version. It is shown on the rightward side of the Minecraft heading on the screen. It will open you to the Minecraft store directly after clicking.

Step 6

Go to the redeem option. It is visible on the upward side of the logo of Minecraft. Microsoft account will first open the login page on your screen. In that, enter your address and password before going to the next page.

Step 7

It will ask you some time to wait for a while to let it download Minecraft gaming on your PC. After it finishes, it is then available in your Start Menu.

How To Free Minecraft Demo

Procedure 2 : By demo

Step 1

Firstly, begin it by opening the website of Minecraft. You can go to its website on in your Chrome.

Step 2

Now go to the menu which is there on your screen. It is available on the upward side of it.

Step 3

Select the option of trial and download. It is visible at the downward right side of the menu. It is necessary to note that Minecraft gaming is workable only on PCs and MacBooks. No other device supports Minecraft gaming.

Step 4

Click on the download option. It appears by giving the effect of a green button highlight. It is visible at the rightward side of the page.

Step 5

Now do the installation of Minecraft. Click two times on the setup file of Minecraft and then follow the instructions available on the screen. If you are surfing on a Mac, then you have to do the verification of downloading the Minecraft first.

Step 6

After installation, open the Minecraft. It appears like a block looking app showing grasses on the upward side of it. Enter all the information of your account there. After that only you will be able to access Minecraft gaming on your device. If you are new to Minecraft, then create a well proper account on it.

Note :

The downloading on the iPad is the same as that of the above steps. Only some of them require a bit of change in it. No connection of Wi-Fi is necessary for downloading Minecraft for free. It is easily downloadable through cellular use.

Wrapping Up

I hope this information helped you a lot. Give us feedback below in the comment action. Also, do read our more topics for more info.