How To Enable Offline Reading In Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a default web browser for Windows 10. In case if you daily using edge browser and want to enable Offline Reading Mode in Microsoft edge browser. Here we help you, there an easy step by step guides to enable or disable offline reading mode in the edge.

Enable Offline Reading Mode In Microsoft Edge

To do so, you’ve to add a web page to the Favourite list and then you can enable the offline mode and so follow below-given step by step instructions.

Step by Step Guides

Open the web page that you want to read on offline mode. Click on the start given at the top upper right at the address bar.

Now switch Favourite to Reading List and hit “Add” button to save the web page to read out later.

Click on the three dots to open list of options and select Favourites > Reading List. Select the web page that you’ve saved for offline mode and open it.

If you want to remove the saved pages that you’ve added to the reading list. Just open Reading List and select the web page that you want to delete and right click on it. Select “Delete” to remove the web page form offline reading mode.