How to Embroider Step by Step Guide

Embroidery is the most creative form used by made by people in today’s era. They find it the best way to spend time. Taking your needle and cloth and start sewing is the most innovative way to create many more designs for yourself and to use them. This art of sewing and fun is from many many years.

If you want, then you can also start sewing and can have a beautiful experience in this. By taking a thread and a needle, you can get better innovations by your hands. Decide what to embroider, and then put your efforts and create beautiful creativity by your hands. You can also make and gift it to your close ones and can also share the technique of creating it. It is the most attractive form in every era. 

How to Embroider Step by Step Guide

Here are the given explained steps about the embroidery:-


Step 1. To start embroidering you need some items:

  • Embroidery Hoop: it is a ring that used to hold the fabric cloth to make embroidering easier. It comes in plastic or wood material.
  • Small Scissors: you can take a small and sharp scissor.
  • Fabric: Choose fabric as per choice like linen, cotton.

Needles: Take needles 

  • for embroidering.
  • Marker: take a water-soluble marker because you have to use it for making the picture on fabric.
  • Embroidery Floss: you can choose any color of floss as per your choice.

Step 2. Make a Sketch on Fabric:

First of all, select the piece of fabric which was suitable for embroidering or also you’re favorite one. After this, use a marker for drawing the painting on the fabric because it is easier to embroider the painting on a ready drawing.

Step 3. Place Fabric in the Hoop:

Select the hoop as per choice wood or plastic. Then cut the piece of the fabric quite more significant than the hoop. After this, you have to loose the screw at the top of the hoop to separate both hoops. Then place the piece of fabric between both layers of the hoops and tight the screw from the top to grab the fabric tightly. 

Step 4. Threading Floss with the needle.

Select the floss color for embroidering and put the floss into the needle with care, not like any other thread. Gently wet the floss with the top and pass it between the eye of the needle; this helps to save the time. After this knot, the end and cut the rest of the piece, which is not useful.

Step 5. Stitching on Fabric:

Do the stitching as you are sewing regularly. For new embroider, I can suggest making simple stitching until we aren’t an expert. You can do stitching with multicolor floss to make it more attractive, so the embroidery is going to be neat and impressive to show.

Step 6. Backstitch the Embroidery:

You can backstitch the embroidery by using the needle through the front of the fabric and then take a stitch to the right. After this, bring the needle back to the front side and then pass the needle using the same hole to backstitch your painting. Repeat until its done.

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