How To Draw A House Head – Step by Step

If you are searching for the methods on how to draw a horse head, then you have come to read the right article. We will be telling some methods so that you can draw a horse head very easily. Just follow the below-mentioned steps and start drawing.

How To Draw A House Head

Step 1:

At first draw one big circle as a guide for the first part of the horse’s head. Then you have to make four small marks to indicate its height and width. After that, you have to connect the marks using curved lines. You may sketch lightly at first. That will be easy to erase if you make mistakes. If you do not know how to draw the circle, take one big cup or bowl and trace the outer rim of that. You can take any other object with a circular edge alternatively.

Step 2:

Now after drawing that circle, draw two intersecting lines across the circle. That will help you to place the horse’s facial features later. You may add a guide for the top part of the horse’s head by first putting a small mark above the circle. Now, after doing that, you have to connect the small mark to the circle using curved lines to form an arc. Please pay proper attention to the size of this arc concerning the circle. Don’t choose to draw it too big.

Step 3:

Next, make another small mark below the circle and on the lower, left side. You have to connect the small mark to the circle using curved lines to create another arc. This is for the muzzle. That small initial mark for the horse’s muzzle must be placed diagonally from the center of the circle. The arc should be big and wide. Please pay attention to its size concerning the rest of the head. After that draw two short lines on the right side of the head as guides for the horse’s neck. Keep these lines short so that you don’t have to draw too much of the neck later on.

Step 4:

After that sketch the eye lightly inside the head as a small oval shape. Place the eye on the upper side and left side of the head. You can use the initial lines for placement. When you will get the size and position right, you have to darken the shape of the eye after that. After darkening the eye, make the sides a bit pointier. Then draw a small line at the top for the horse’s eyelashes.

Step 5:

Next draw the nose and two ears. You have to draw the two ears symmetrically. After that use the initial arc and circle to draw the rest of the head. Now, please darken the line and connect the muzzle to the front. At the bottom, you have to maintain the shape as skinnier. After that darken the lower and right edge of the initial circle to create the big jaw. That is it. You will be done by drawing a horse head.