How To Screenshot On Mac – Step by Step

We all know that Screenshots can be useful in many situations. Sharing screen images with friends on social media to keeping them for future use, Screenshots play a very important role in our digital life. If you have a MAC and you don’t know how to take important screenshots, then read this article till the end because we are going to tell you about how you can take that on your MAC in the simplest way.

Apple MacBook-Pro 2019
Apple MacBook-Pro 2019

How To Screenshot On Mac

It is a matter of pressing the shortcut keys and you are done. Follow these below-given step by step instructions to capture screenshot in Mac OS.

Step 1:

To take a screenshot, please press and hold three keys on the MAC keyboard together.  Three keys: Shift, command and 3.

Step 2:

After pressing those three keys together (Shift + Command key+ Number pad 3) you will be done with taking the screenshot. Now, if you want to edit that screenshot then click on the visible thumbnail in the corner of your screen. It will be saved d automatically.

If you want to take a screenshot of a particular portion in the screen then press “Shift”, “Command key”, and “Number pad 4” together to reveal a crosshair. By using that crosshair, you can select a particular portion on the screen as per your requirement and take the screenshot of that portion only.