How To Delete A Pokemon Go Account

Now a days, android games becoming popular because of massive number of android users across the world. Pokemon Go one the most popular game available for iOS and Android platform. Basic question for game lovers How To Play Pokemon Go and how to installed it on smartphone.

Generally pokemon go users asked one basic question How Many Pokemon are there and the correct answer is unlimited you can explorer new pokemon for best pokemon to fight psychic.

How To Install Pokemon Go 

Just go Google Play Store from the device, and search for Pokemon Go through search bar, if the Pokemon Go game available in your country then you can install it. Otherwise you’ve to download Pokemon Go APK Mirror file and run it as 3rd party program.

How To Install Pokemon Go If It’s Available  In Your City

If the the game is not available in your country then in this case you’ve download Pokemon Go APK Mirror File on your smartphone. Before downloading the apk file you’ve to enable Unknown Source (3rd Party Application ) which allow to install 3rd party applications on your phone.

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So if you’re thinking to delete your pokemon go account from your cell phone or the device from which create a account in pokemon go. Then in this case below given guides will guide you how to remove pokemon go.

How To Delete A Pokemon Go Account 

There are lots of reason for deleting pokemon go. Because of this game there are lots of accidents happening on road sides. However there are also some reason to delete pokemon go from personal devices of your kids.

First Step : Delete The App From Device 

To remove the Pokemon Go form iPad, iPhone or Android Phone. First of all you’ve to delete the Pokemon Go App from your device. There are also some benefits of deleting the app if you don’t want to continue the game, take a reset from the game, temporary remove pokemon go for short time period.

Second Step :  Delete Pokemon Go Account

After deleting the app, there one last think you’ve to do and that is deleting your Pokemon Go Account. To delete the app follow the steps.

Step 1 : 

Go to the Niantic Official Website

Step 2 : 

Fill the your Pokemon Go account information (Email Address, Reason and Nickname of Account ).

Step  3 : 

Check out both dialog box and Click on Submit.

Warning :

Once you’ve submit the request then there is no way back you cannot access your Pokemon Go account again nor you can reuse your email address and pokemon go nickname or the pokemon’s.

However if you ever again want to play Pokemon Go. You can easily re-download the app from Google Play Store and sign up as a new member using different email address and or Google Account.