How To Delete HouseParty Account – Step by Step Guide

How To Delete HouseParty Account? is this your issue that giving a panic then don’t worry just follow this article. To delete the houseparty app from an iPhone or iPad without a hassle.

What is the HouseParty App?

What is wrong with the new trending Houseparty App? Now, House party is an app that has recently started trending and there are millions of downloads for this app. Because due to the lockdown everybody wants something new and interesting. On this app, we can connect with friends and family and other people. Play games, hang out on video calls and stuff. This app is genuinely taking over the parameters of the play store.

I myself was using this app until one day I got to know about the news that this app is being hacked by a 3rd party and then is hacking into your phone. I didn’t believe it at once but thought of checking it myself. Now when I came to know about it, I recalled and I remember the day I downloaded this app my phone had notifications of OTP from every app that is on my phone.

I neglected it thinking of it to be a bug. But now when I heard about it I spared my attention to the fact that I got messages from all the apps I’ve ever installed which is weird on the fact that I downloaded a single app. It just made the fact just more suspicious. I don’t say it’s sure that the app is hacking your phone but just connecting the dots by which I felt the fact. Now here comes the fact that if you feel the same.

How To Delete HouseParty Account

HouseParty Account

Then let me tell you how to delete your house party account. Now to delete your house party account for this follow below-given steps by steps guide properly.

Step 1: 

Firstly what you need to do is open houseparty app.

Step 2:

Then tap on the smiley icon on the top left corner, When you click on it you get onto the friend’s page and then again click on the icon on the top left corner.

Step 3:

Scroll down and go to privacy policy where it takes you to a website, Now if you are an android user you cannot delete the account but if you have a friend who uses an iPhone can delete it. Because iPhone users have the option to delete the account.

So what you can do you can ask people who use i phone, if they go to the privacy policy then they get the option to delete the account.

They may log in with your house party account and follow the same steps and delete your account as they will get the option of delete account and it will ask you to enter your password and then your account will be deleted.