How to Delete Emails on iPhone – Step by Step Guide

Well, are you trying to find a way to Delete Emails on iPhone?

The main reason behind the given option to delete emails is simple. We have limited space to keep them. It would be more appropriate to say that we are given limited storage space to keep them.

But nowadays, having enough space to hold all of the emails is no longer an issue.

Gmail alone provides over 15 gigabytes of storage space to the users. That’s enough room to pack 4 full-lengths, 1080p multimedia.

To be frank, if you use the email like most of us do, to store text-based messages along with some small attachments, then you have to work very hard to fill the email account.

Even we are well aware of the folder structure, which allows us to organize and save relevant emails in specific locations for future use, there always remains some emails we feel pressured to delete.

To protect the firm and prevent leaking of sensitive data, employees think that it’s best to remove some specific emails. As soon as you delete an email, it gets moved to the trash folder. Well in you can also change your name in Gmail.

That is usually erased after some time automatically, like in Gmail, the period is 30 days. And if you are looking for where trash in Gmail is located then do read this article. It does not remain accessible. Now, in this article, we will be discussing how you can delete the emails if you are an iPhone user.

How to Delete Emails on iPhone

Please follow the below-mentioned steps to get it done.

First Method

  • If you want to delete a single email, then follow the methodology.
  • At first, open the “Mail” and go to the “Inbox.” 
  • Then please tap on “Edit” (which is in the upper-right corner).
  • Then select the particular email you want to delete. 
  • Now tap on “Trash” or “Archive.” 

Second Method:

You have an alternative shortcut option also.

  • You can quickly swipe left over any single email, and you will be able to delete it.
  • If you want to delete a message from within the email, then press and hold the “Archive” option or the “Trash” option.
  • After that, tap on “Archive Message” or “Trash Message.”
  • You can see Archive instead of Trash, depending upon the type of email account you have.
  • Also, you can even edit your “mailbox behavior” settings to change this.

Third Method

  • Now, if you want to delete multiple email messages, then follow the methodology. It is simple.
  • First, open the “Mail” from your iPhone and go to your Inbox.
  • Then tap on “Edit” (which is in the upper-right corner).
  • After that, tap on “Select All.” (You can individually select the emails also, that you want to delete).
  • Now tap on “Trash” or “Archive.” (If “Archive” is only visible, then touch and hold “Archive” to see other options like “Trash Selected Messages”).

With this, you will be done. Now, to undo the activity of deleting an email, just shake your device and tap on “Undo.”